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    Here are some recommended books by a Lemko researcher I know:

    Book Recommendation (Polish Language): "Na kresach Lemkowszczyzny" – ("The Lemkivshchyna Borderlands) by Jan Gajur. The book includes information about the following villages: Oslawica, Smolnik, Duszatyn, Turzansk, Rzepedz, Szczawne, Jawornik, Kulaszne, Plonna, Wolica, Nagorzany, Pielnia, Odrzechowa, Sieniawa, Wroblik Krolewski, Wroblik Szlachecki, Jablonica Polska, Czarnorzeki, Weglowka, Rzepnik, Bonarowka, and Krasna.


    New book (in Ukrainian) by Jaroslav Teplyi about "Zakerzonnia" (lands west of the Curzon, to include the Lemko region.)

    Translated excerpt from book jacket: "Every civilization, every people, and every person is entitled to his place on earth that is allocated by God….This book is about Zakerzonnia, lands that have become a stumbling block between Poles and Ukrainians…Zakerzonnia is the "Atlantis" of Ukraine… the island is a myth, but (Zakerzonnia) was once real ethnic Ukrainian territories with nearly one million Ukrainians living there.

    Symbolically, the book is published on the 65th anniversary of the military action known as "Operation Wisla", a deportation campaign conducted in the mid to late 1940s (post war years) as a solution to the Ukrainian problem in Poland. This is a particularly relevant topic in Zakerzonnia – Ukrainian ethnic areas located west of the Curzon Line, which were part of Poland (including Lemkivshchyna, Nadsyannya, Podlasia, Kholm, and West Boikivshchyna) in which all ethnic Ukrainians living in those regions were affected in those years.




    "Am I a Lemko?" Here's a digitized book that will help you to find out if your surname is a "Galician Lemko" surname. It was written by our friend, Professor Ivan Krasovsky. We interviewed him in L'viv in Fall 2011. Link provided by Lemko.org (of which we are not affiliated.)


    Here's a great book for those who are interested in Slavic life in Pennsylvania's anthracite coal mining towns.


    Book Recommendation: "Zakerzonnia: The Ethnic Cleansing of the Ukrainian Minority in Poland, 1944-1947."

    Note that "Zakerzonnia" is a Ukrainian term referring to "Ukrainian territories west of the Curzon line" (part of SE Poland including the Lemko region.) The Curzon Line is the historic ethnographic demarcation line between Poles and Ukrainians. (Also note that this title indicates that the scope of the book is focused on Ukrainians, and only some Lemkos considered themselves as such. The scope therefore includes other groups in Kholm, Podlachia, etc., since all inhabitants of SE Poland who were considered to be "Ukrainian" were targeted, regardless of self-identification.)

    This book is in English and seems a worthy addition to the English language literature on Akcja Wisla and related deportation operations. Renowned scholars such as Taras Hunczak (editor) and Timothy Snyder (author of "Bloodlands") are contributors.

    Ordering information is included on the link. You have to send a check for $30 to the address indicated (credit cards are not accepted.)


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