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    The idea is to post links to books and articles about the Slavic languages available on the world wide web in order for anyone on this forum to have easier access to them. It would be the best to post literature written in English language, but feel free to recommend books written in Slavic languages as well.

    I shall start with these:

    Frederik Kortlandt; From Proto-Indo-European to Slavic, 2002

    Frederik Kortlandt; Early dialectal diversity in South Slavic I, 1982

    Frederik Kortlandt; Early dialectal diversity in South Slavic II, 2003

    Zbigniew Gołąb; The origins of the Slavs: a linguist's view, 1992

    George Y. Shevelov; A Prehistory of Slavic: The Historical Phonology of Common Slavic, 1964



    Etymological dictionary of Slavic languages. Proto-Slavic lexical stock is an etymological dictionary of the reconstructed Proto-Slavic lexicon. It has been continuously published since 1974 until present, in 38 volumes.
    First 36 volumes can be downloaded at  [url=http://ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Etimologicheskij_slovar%60_slavjanskogo_jazyka/]ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Etimologicheskij_slovar%60_slavjanskogo_jazyka/[/url]

    These are  dictionaries of etymology of the Russian language. They can be useful for speakers of other Slavic languages.

    Vasmer's dictionary of etymology  4 volumes : http://vasmer.narod.ru/

    Etymological dictionary of Russian language 6 volumes by Shansky : [url=http://ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Shanskij_Etimologicheskij_slovar%60_russkogo_jazyka/]ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Shanskij_Etimologicheskij_slovar%60_russkogo_jazyka/[/url]

    Russian etymological dictionary by A. E. Anikin : [url=http://ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Anikin_Russkij_etimologicheskij_slovar%60/]ftp://istorichka.ru/Slavjanovedenie/Anikin_Russkij_etimologicheskij_slovar%60/[/url]



    Rick Derksen; Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon, 2008

    This dictionary in the Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series systematically and exhaustively deals with the Slavic inherited lexicon. It is unique in combining recent insights from the field of comparative Indo-European linguistics with modern Balto-Slavic accentology. In addition, the author makes an explicit attempt at reconstructing part of the Balto-Slavic lexicon.

    Roland Sussex, ‎Paul Cubberley; The Slavic Languages, 2006

    This book, written by two leading scholars in Slavic linguistics, presents a survey of all aspects of the linguistic structure of the Slavic languages, considering in particular those languages that enjoy official status. As well as covering the central issues of phonology, morphology, syntax, word-formation, lexicology and typology, the authors discuss Slavic dialects, sociolinguistic issues, and the socio-historical evolution of the Slavic languages.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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