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    …and capitalism won. Well, it’s not so dramatic but it’s highly recommended. This is a Reader’s Favorite review that initially got me hooked:

    London for Immigrant Suckers: So Long Yugoslavia by Kolya S is Peter Kovach’s exceptional odyssey as an immigrant in the UK, a story that features powerful historical experiences and references. While sharing the story of Peter, his hardships and the many challenges he has to face as an immigrant while struggling to come to terms with the social and political reality back home, this story explores the last stages and the disintegration of Yugoslavia and looks at that piece of history through the eyes of a humorous character. 
    The narrative voice is something like I have never heard before — jovial and humorous — and the entire story is written in a style that breaks the rules of English grammar in many ways. But it is fun. It is something that doesn’t feel like the author’s fault, but a reflection of the narrator’s unique way of saying things — even when the voice addresses readers directly. I knew I’d love this story when I read the first line: “Until a few years ago, Peter Kovach thought that he was among the coolest male specimens available on the market.” It was intriguing and begged me to find out why this man thought so highly of himself and what happened so that he dropped that thinking a few years ago. Kolya S has created a beautiful story and a great character, and I enjoyed the way immigrant issues are handled in the story. London for Immigrant Suckers: So Long Yugoslavia combines humor with originality to give one of the best entertainments readers could have.


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