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    Hello everyone!!

    I wanted to know if anyone could give me information on these three towns/cities/villages in Poland:

    Lysakaw, Poland (I know there are a few of them, but I'm hoping the other two names will help narrow down the possibilities)
    Holodufka, Rudki, Poland
    Pahorce, Poland

    These names are on my great grandfather and great grandmother's documents from when they came to the US. I'd love to know anything about the areas if someone can help.

    Thanks in advance.




    This is distribution of Rusyn sub-groups:



    Wow you are Slavic redneck! ;D ;D



    Yeah. I have that map.  Unfortunately, all the Lysakaws I know of are outside of this specific region.  I'm part of a mailing list for genealogy.  This one particular list is titled "Galicia" respectively.

    I finally sent in these three names today and got back a VERY quick response with places in today's Ukraine.  This member isn't the first person to tell me about these names.  But everyone else tells me to look in Poland because my pradeda spoke Polish mostly, though was supposedly fluent in 9 languages. It's all so confusing.. *sigh*  Just feel so lost with it.

    Wow you are Slavic redneck! ;D ;D

    HAHAHA.. Why a Slavic redneck!?



    This is what I was told in the Galicia group:

    You should focus your search no more than ten miles east of Lwow/Lviv.
    The train station on the east side of Lwow was known as Lwow
    Lyczakow/Stantsiya Lychakov (your "Lysakaw") and 3.9 miles to the east
    is Podborce/Podbortse (your "Pahorce")
    and 8.5 miles east of Lyczakow that you'll find Goloduvka (your

    But I can't find these on maps or anything either.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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