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    UMD Rep. receives death threats, files lawsuit against Greek media

    Skopje, 14 January 2013
    The UMD Greece Representative Eugenia Natsoulidou recently became the target of death threats, and has been publically slandered by a major Greek newspaper – Proto Thema. In response, legal action has been taken against the newspaper. UMD urges the Macedonian community in Greece to act in solidarity and beware of government-sponsored intimidation and pressure in the coming weeks/months.

    In late October 2012, Natsoulidou joined Greece’s Macedonian Orthodox religious community leader Archimandrite Nikodim Tsarknias for a visit to Canada and the United States. The team met with high-ranking U.S. government officials in Washington D.C. and Canadian Members of Parliament in Ottawa, and they attended UMD Canada’s Annual Gala in Toronto. By November 2012, all three events had received international media coverage.

    An incident occurred on November 26, when an ethnic Greek journalist with a history of publically slandering Macedonians entered a dance hall in Edessa (Voden). Natsoulidou was attending Macedonian dance classes there, which had been organized without any approval by the local authorities. The journalist disrupted the class and started aggressively taking pictures of the people there without their permission. Another participant filed a police complaint at that time.

    Some more on this from UMD;




    Thats sickening. The Greek govt does things like this all the time. Why didnt they break his camera?

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