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    Jovica Pesic from Pirot invented a device that can reduce fuel consumption in internal combustion engines by 50 percent. In addition, it reduces greenhouse gases, such as carbon monoxide almost three times compared to classic modern engines.

    As Pesic told Tanjug, the device has passed numerous tests on the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Nis, whose results are very encouraging, so mass production is expected soon.

    “It is interesting that the results of this device were better on older engines, which are most driven in our area. I installed this device on an old “IMT” tractor and I managed to achieve savings of fuel of more than 50 percent which is truly a remarkable result. The reactor is installed in the exhaust system of the engine. An integral part is also a container into which is poured distilled water, necessary for the functioning of the reactor. A system of heat resistant hoses and a special suction tube (attached to the intake manifold of the car) are also installed,” said Pesic and added that the results are also impressive when it comes to the emission of greenhouse gases.

    “When the engine works you have a multitude of gases that are formed and are flammable, but are not used for getting energy in the engine. This device helps to burn these gases in the engine cylinder so that there is almost no smoke at the exhaust. During testing at the Faculty the emission of carbon monoxide in the engine, in which a reactor of 9 percent was installed, the consumption was reduced nearly three times to 3.14,” explains Pesic, who studied at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering.

    Zoran Jovanovic, from Pirot, installed a reactor in his car “Renault Scenic”.

    “The first thing I noticed is that a car has a lot more power. Fuel consumption while driving in Belgrade where I work is about 6.3 liters per 100 km, and this is a diesel engine 1,900 cc,” says Jovanovic.



    Kind of late with all the electro cars now ;D


    Kind of late with all the electro cars now ;D

    Maybe people should be finding a way to stabalise nuclear particles so that we can safely use nuclear energy.



    Kudos on his discovery though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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