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    Map of most popular “male names” in Slavic countries

    Slavic Europe – Have you ever wondered which are the most popular names in Slavic countries? Yanko Tsvetkov did a research and found answer in this Wikipedia article. Unfortunately that wikipedia article looks like a mess so this is why a map display of that info a better choice.

    Read the full story here



    Jakub sounds funny, like some Abrahamic character from Bible :D



    “there’s a big chance you’ll meet them”
    not quite, these names are most popular baby names, I think Dragan is the most common name in Serbia according to 2011 census. I know only two Lazars in my town, but I have three Dragans living in my street.



    Most of this name are Jewish



    Well, guess I am older – an Oleg, Dima, Roma, Pasha in Russia, definitely Dragan in Serbia. Uri and Ivan in Ukraine.



    I just realized both my parents have Slavic names, while mine is Greek in origin. And in my country, concerning the grown-up males, 8 of the 10 most popular names also seem to be Greek in origin (the other two being Jewish/Biblical). The highest ranking purely Slavic name seems to be №12 – Stoyan. Among the male newborns, in the top 10 we have 5 Greek, 3 Latin and 2 Jewish/Biblical, while the first Slavic one is either №12 (Boris, if we count it as Slavic) or №14 (Bozhidar). At least among the grown-up women we have 2 Slavic names in the top 10 (Rositsa and Desislava – 7 and 8, respectively)…
    I knew we’ve received a lot of Greek influence over the centuries, but I didn’t expect it to be this big. Can anyone share what’s the situation in the other South-Slavic countries, especially Serbia and Macedonia?



    These are the most common male names. Considering that statistically 52% of people are female it is quite possible that these names are wrong. But the major problem here is that the data is quite old. A new census in Croatia for example has a Lucija as the most widespread name, topping the here provided Luka which would anyway be topped by the female Petra in the 2009 data that was used.



    This map is a few years old. In 2015 the most common male name given to newborns in Bosnia was Ahmed. You can view the rest of the names here: http://fzs.ba/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/m100.pdf.



    Jamezdin is pretty common name Bosnia :)



    Why is Vladislav not more popular?  :(



    Here is by voivodeship division in Poland.



    Lazar in Serbia ? (not that is not fairly common, but not that common), and not Slavic, rather Biblical.

    As per 2014 research done by Statistics Institute of Serbia :
    Nikola je najčešće ime koje Srbi daju svojim potomcima. Posle imena Nikola slede Luka, Stefan, Marko, Lazar, Aleksandar, Filip, Jovan, Nemanja, Miloš i Dušan. Najčešća imena devojčica su Milica, Anđela, Jovana, Ana, Teodora, Katarina, Marija, Sara, Anastasija i Aleksandra, podaci su Republičkog zavoda za statistiku. (you can figure out this paragraph without translating it :) )

    Usually I know 1-5 Nikola guys during work or school, unlimited amount of Miloš guys. And Ivana, Jelena, Milica, Ana, Marija are simply so omnipresent since forever.



    Amar is not Slavic name.



    @anna25 only Slavic name on this map is Vladislav.



    @NikeBG Here in Macedonia it’s the Slavic who are more popular as far as I know, though Greek and Biblical names are found, but rare.

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