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    This is Marina Devyatova. She is a beautiful young Russian singer with a voice from the angels. Marina has a large repertoire of Russian folk songs, ballads and all-time Russian favorites. She can sing pop music as well or better than anyone, but her passion is for traditional music. She will often perform traditional songs with a modernized veneer to make them more accessible to a modern audience. She travels and performs around the world as a good-will ambassador of Russian culture and music.

    “Russian song has always been, is, and will always be. While there is a Russian man or woman alive, Russian song will be alive. This is the message I want to convey to the public through my work.” –Marina Devyatova

    Marina was born in 1983 in Moscow. Her father is the well-known “People’s Artist of Russia” Vladimir Devyatov and her mother was a choreographer. It was clear from a young age that Marina had enormous talent, leading her to eventually completing studies at the Russian Academy of Music Gnessin, in Moscow, in the “Faculty of Folk Song.”

    An important turning point in Marina’s career came in 2006. She had been repeatedly told that her format (traditional music) could not become popular. To counteract this, she signed up for the Russian television talent show “People’s Artist 3” and came in 1st runner up. She was by far the most outstanding talent on the show IMO, and why she didn’t win the first place is a mystery to me. But no matter, she became well known after this show and was able to successfully perform her traditional repertoire to ever growing and enthusiastic audiences. (Farther down I have included the link to her first performance on this show. You will see immediately her staggering talent and charisma and be swept away. Or, if not, you need to see your doctor!)

    As an example of her ambassador activities, in 2009 in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Russian Orthodox Church, Marina presented a special performance of Russian music at a concert for the British royal family.

    Although I do not understand the words, her music and performance move me deeply. She is truly a Russian national treasure. She is my favorite singer and I treasure her too.

    Here are links to videos of a variety of Marina’s performances. The quality of her voice is worthy of good headphones or speakers if you can connect to them.

    This first link is Marina in true native form. She is a guest on the Russian TV show “Above the Roof.” She sits and talks and sings with no accompaniment except for a guitar. Even though I do not understand a word she is saying, I have watched this entire interview twice because her enthusiasm and passion is contagious. This girl has a lot to say! LOL! To skip ahead to the beautiful singing, her songs are performed at:
    02:29, 12:28, 18:26, 25:56, 33:58, 38:40
    Марина Девятова в программе «Выше крыши»

    This next link is a rousing performance of folk song, “Limericks” with accordion player Mikhail Morozov. Lots of fun!
    Частушки – Марина Девятова и Михаил Морозов

    This link is a wonderful performance of a Russian romantic favorite, which I think translates as “Under the Old Maple:” Just beautiful.
    СТАРЫЙ КЛЁН – Марина Девятова

    The next is a lively expressive performance of folk song, “Oh, Mama!” (Oh Mamuchka!) which I think has something to do with a girl complaining that Mama didn’t teach her enough about men? Can anyone clarify that for me? Either way, it’s great!
    Ах, мамочка. Марина Девятова.

    This is “Oh Snow Snowball” with Marina and a Russian folk accordion duo called “Bayan Mix” (I think). Full of energy!
    Ой Снег Снежок – Марина Девятова и БАЯН-МИКС

    This is a song I posted before in the “Songs of War” thread with Marina singing “Officers Wives” For those that didn’t see it I post it again. It is a moving performance and you can see she has tears at the end. It gets me every time.
    Жены офицеров. Марина Девятова

    This next link is Marina performing Kalinka, the 150 yrs old Russian favorite. This is most lively and charming version I have seen.  She is performing with her outstanding 4-person dance troupe (I don’t know their name unfortunately). Be ready to start clapping your hands!
    КАЛИНКА – Марина Девятова – Marina Devyatova

    Here’s another livewire with Bayan Mix: “Talyanochka”
    Marina Devyatova – Talyanochka (PPZ Russia 2011)

    This next link is a full stage production of Russian favorite, “For My Russia.” If you look you will see Putin and his gang in the audience at the end. Did they smile from this wonderful music? You will see …
    "Над Россией моей" – Марина Девятова 

    And as promised, here is the link to her first, and now famous, appearance on Russian TV show “People’s Artist – 3”. She appears at 1:25
    Марина Девятова и "НА – 3" (первое выступление)

    I have other links to Marina’s performances for anyone who is interested. She has a fan website at: http://www.marinadevyatova.ru

    I hope you enjoy Marina as much as I do.

    [P.S. I wasn't sure which board to put this in. Hope this is OK]



    Great thread!

    I've been a fan of her for a long while. A Lyudmila Zykina for the modern age kind of. She has such great passion when she sings, you can see she genuinely loves her country and folk culture. She's also very beautiful!




    I think she sings that her mother warned her about deceptive men and she shut her ears and did not want to listen to her mom, but now she's crying how she regrets that and how her mother was right.

    By the way, this song was first sang in a movie by a great Cossack actress.
    Ах мамочка, на саночках Мордюкова Ah Mamochka Mordyukova

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