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    Good evening.

    I have a question for you that is presented above. What sounds better? Or what is just better for you for an anthem? There are two options. I put both with English subtitles.

    The first one is Mazurek Dąbrowskiego written by Józef Wybicki in 1797. Formerly it was simply a patriotic song called Pieśń Legionów Polskich we Włoszech ("Song of the Polish Legions in Italy"), as Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth have disappeared from the maps. Józef Wybicki was a Polish writer and politician. It became an official Polish anthem in 1927. The name of the anthem has a surname "Dąbrowski" in the title – Jan Henryk Dąbrowski was a Polish general and a friend of Wybicki, who served in Polish Legions in Napoleon's army.

    Here it is.

    Polish National Anthem + English Subtitles

    The second is Rota written by Maria Konopnicka in 1908. Formerly it was a poem to which Feliks Nowowiejski created a music. In was written as a protest against Prussian/German occupation and this is why we have in Rota a verse about German which is sometimes ommited, especially in official cases. When there was a consideration which song is better as a national anthem, "Rota" was a contrcandidate to Mazurek Dąbrowskiego.

    Here it is.

    Rota ( English Subtitles)

    Personally, I prefer Rota for a few reasons. First of all, the lyrics. They seem to me to be more "tough" and show disobedience and rebellion against any possible occupation. There is also a reference to the major battle in which Poland took part – Battle of Grunwald (a part about Teutones).

    I like also a part which is often ommited. I know that Maria Konopnicka had in mind simply being against Germans :D but I can see here a rebellion against any occupation of Poland and Polish people – so it can be referred to any occupant. I mean here Nie będzie Niemiec pluł nam w twarz, ni dzieci nam germanił ("The German won't spit in our face, nor germanize our children"). But I mostly like the beginning: Nie rzucim ziemi skąd nasz ród, nie damy pogrześć mowy – why I like this? Because much more people are putting English words in a dialogue even though they have Polish equivalents.

    About Mazurek Dąbrowskiego I simply HATE one thing in the lyrics. The part about Bonaparte, with which I can strongly disagree. It was not Bonaparte who tought us how to fight, but he learned that from Poles. The best example is Józef Poniatowski, who was so "awesome" on the battlefield (and by the way after a fight either) that Napoleon decided to give him a title of the Marshall of France. The only foreigner.

    I dislike also chorus sang twice. One time would be better. But this is not important.

    The only thing which I can dislike in Rota is Tak mi dopomóż Bóg ("So help us God"). As it is obvious that not only Christians live in Poland, but…

    This part is present in the oath in the Polish Army. Soldiers who are not Christians have a right to ommit this fragment. If you wish you have this oath here, though without subtitles – I can translate if someone wish to know :)

    Demony Wojny – Scena Końcowa

    So what do you think? I am curious about your opinion :)



    Rota is cool, I wish it would have been Polish anthem!



    Thanks for your opinion.

    I see you are from Poland. Good to hear that someone from Poland thinks just as me. :)



    Well,I wouldn't want to insult anyone,but your anthem is abit…
    You have a tune of "Hej Slaveni",but there all the greatness stops IMO.In the text of what is a national anthem of Poland we have a march from a land of Italy mentioned,which sounds out of place,since the national anthem should be about you,and not someone else.
    Second,you have a mention of Bonaparte in some grateful fashion,as if the Poles were some pencil pushers before the Frenchman came along.
    All in all it sounds more as a glorification of that Dabrowsky dude,rather than a song dedicated to the land of Poles.



    I definitely agree. But in case of mention other nations… just check an Afghan anthem :) The lyrics there are focused on counting every ethinicity who live in Afghanistan :)

    However in case of Mazurek Dąbrowskiego it is a true, that anthem should be focused on people, not on one person, or two. Mazurek was written on different purpose, destined to be about Polish Legions and Dąbrowski. Rota on the other hand is about people and Polish country.



    Rota definitly. Strong and "masculine" lyrics, IMO better then anthem



    IMO Mazurka Dombrowskega is better. Roa is nice but an I wouldn't put it for an anthem.



    „Dał nam przykład Bonaparte jak zwyciężać mamy”  to chyba jakiś żart  :-X :-X
    Nazwisko tego człowieka w Polskim hymnie to kpina.

    zgadzam się "Rota" byłaby dużo lepsza, ma lepszy tekst i mocniej brzmi 

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