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    Meet Lidija Bačić – Croatian Singer That Is Accused For Being ‘Too Attractive’ In Her Music Videos And Social Media

    Croatia is witnessing the biggest crisis in last dozen years, all media is reporting about the grand fight between a famous Croatian singer Lidija Bačić and one sociologist / columnist of the local news papers.

    Read the full story here



    Are those real? (TLDR)



    look at that ass. indeed, slavic world is full of beautiful girls. such a shame one can barely get any of them, but that’s life.



    Her hotness level over 9000!



    hahha now i noticed the censorship proofreading of my comments. i guess it is being done by Karpivna since his/her marks are under every modified comment. 



    @diversis It is not me! I’m just a member here like you. I have no special powers. What was censored?



    haha ok, i thought you were admin or something.

    you know, slang phrases for girls whose only qualities are more or less physical and for final act of men in sexual intercourse :)



    @diversis Admin is Perun. Maybe he did the changes?



    I think only Perun can censor anything here. 

    However, are you able to produce any post that would not be about women?



    Those things are weapons of mass distraction. Call Trump or Putin. I think a tomahawk strike is in order.



    Lele bozhe moj.



    She is not accused of being too hot. She is accused of singing bad, horrible songs and mental disordered lyrics. Which she covers by her soft porn-starlet appearance. And music is so horrible that you must turn volume off to see her videos. And it is obviously true. But she reacted madly, her marketing guys rise it on some scandal level in time of summer lack of news, columnist responded quickly, wittily and intelligent she replied more angry and more stupid, and we have summer fun on stupid blond.




    If music is not the product she’s selling, then my question from several posts above becomes even more pertinent.
    Are the goods real or is it false advertising?



    we would all like to have a sexual intercourse with her or have a girfriend/wife who looks like her, but is’n not gonna happen. that’s all what drives men to write about lidija bačić and similar girls.

    no one really cares what she sings or whom is she fighting with or why…



    Beg to differ, I would indeed care to see her fighting a worthy adversary of similar talents in a mud pit.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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