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    Next biggest match is going to be:

    Alistair Overeem vs Brock Lesnar

    Anyone will be watching it?

    P.s. since it's mma thread, would be right to mention Cro Cop  (he has 1 more fight to do and goes retired) 



    Hey I am lazy to find this but remeber when Kristijan Golubivic fought vs Cro Cop ? Who won that match ?



    Fedor Emelianenko – my most favorite fighter. I adore how gentle and noble he is outside the octogone.



    Pentaz is this Brock Lesnar fella Croat?



    Ehm, i don’t have any idea. He’s some American southerner, thought surname Lesnar could be of Slovenian or Croatian (zagorje) origin? don’t know really, why?



    I thinked you knew so i asked. Like you said it is obvious he must have some origin either in Croatia or Slovenia but i guess it is possible that other Slavic nation have this surname too.



    Brock Lesnar isn’t a southerner, he’s from the upper Midwest, and grew up in South Dakota and Minnesota, where a TON of German/Norwegian/Swedish immigrants settled. Because of that, and the fact that his surname sounds something like “Ragnar”, I figured he must be Germanic. However, according to forebears.io, there are people with the name “Lesner” living in Poland, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, and “Leznar” in Czech Republic, Poland and Russia as well. This all makes sense, as the American Midwest also has plenty of people who descend from Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, etc.



    This coming Sunday I will be watching Viktor Peshta fight Oleksiy Oliynyk. Viktor needs a win badly.



    There are a few Slavic-American mixed martial artists, most notably current UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic. That list also includes Tim “The Bohemian” Lajcik (Czech-American: fought in both UFC and Pancrase. Retired.), the late Jeff Blatnick (Slovenian-American Olypic gold-medalist in wrestling, former UFC commentator and comissioner), and technically, professional wrestler Rob Van Dam (Polish-American, born Robert Szatkowski. Though a pro-wrestler, he’s a kickboxer trained in karate, aikido, tae kwon do and kendo, and he’s competed in toughman competitions before.)



    Belarusian Kaciaryna Vandarjeva is 3 times world champion in Muai Thai.  In real life she is a darling. She is not known in Belarus. She says when she tells guys she’s a world champion in Muai Thai, they don’t believe her.  She is not pefect either. I’ve seen her fighting getting knocked out at least once. Still, she is a European and World champion on many occasions. She started fighting because she wanted to be policewoman.




    Macedonian-Australian Alex Volkanovski;




    Lesnar sounds like a typical Czech and Slovak name to me, not German. However when I searched him up it said is father is of polish and German descent so I’m assuming Lesnar is polish then. Definitely not a German name



    @Sviatogor she’s too fine to be beating up other chicks :D 

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