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    Love this! https://www.lesiafashions.com (US/Canada can purchase through https://www.yevshan.com/ I think they ship to other countries, too.)



    My sister just bought these “Russian Nesting Dolls” leggings for me. She went to a LulaRoe Pop-up Party and they had these. She thought, “Perfect for my sister’s birthday!” I agree.  :D





    Image result for Famous Red Hair Slavs



    @GLK the hat is for the 90s, track suits will always be present.



    Hat and Stoli are russian-specific, but the rest is legit. Note no pointy shoes, either. Adidas – express your slavic heritage.



    One of my mother’s shirts. Looks Slavic to me, but what the hell do I know?



    I quite like the Slavic Folk tattoo’s… I think they are great, nice and symmetrical with the reds and greens, it looks nice, seems to blend nicely with contemporary clothes… damn i love my fashion.

    Anich Andrey was thinking about turning this kind of craft patterns to tattoos but it seems different with what I thought about

    Ukranian tattoo

    Slavic embroidery inspired



    Saw this in a fashion magazine, and thought that’s slavic embroidery.  Its very easy to combine the slavic embroidery in women’s clothing even in the modern day.

    Aside from the above links posted earlier in this thread, its actually quite hard to find men’s clothing in the modern day that utilise such slavic embroidery patterns – it can be done, no doubt’s but its just very rare to find.  



    I wrote a post some time ago describing my idea of tattoo, pretty similar to these, just more personal. I also like these shirts with some embroidery, although I’d minimize it.
    @texczech82 for some reason that shirt reminds me of Croatian women traditional tattoos, google it if you haven’t seen it yet. I think there’s even a topic on Slavorum on them.



    We kind of get that Adidas is the premium choice of Sports Labels for Slavs.

    However, I think a very under-rated, or should I say a very avant-garde sports label for fellow Slavs is Sergio Tacchini.  

    Oh, so cool.  I need that brand in my wardrobe.

    Novak should have never parted ways with this brand.

    Image result for novak djokovic sergio tacchini

    Image result for sergio tacchini



    @GLK That stuff looks great. Of course I like the colors of the clothes Novak’s wearing on the picture. I can imagine a neo-retro-gopnik wearing the second piece. :D

    BTW what does “Stoličnaja” really mean? I have a weird feeling whenever I see that bottle, because in Slovak “stolica” is a scientific term for “shit” among other things. :D

    So this is how Slavic gangsters look like. :D
    Welcome to the бабушка’s hood! :D





    @”Kapitán Denis” At least in Bulgarian, “stolitsa” means “capital [city]” (it comes from “prestolnina”, I think, with “prestol” meaning “throne”).



    @NikeBG Yea, stolica has multiple meanings in Slovak, but the one I mentioned is the most popular one. :D



    stolica means chair in Serbo-Croatian. It can also be used as polite term for shit and I think it was used in the past as seat of some organization or country, but I’m not so sure about that.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)

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