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    I live in the United States, am of East Indian heritage. We are tired of you Slavs continuously immigrating to the United States. I am an Aryan racialist, we don’t want you filthy pale faced subhumans in our areas, like these subhuman Czechs, Polacks, Russkies, etc anymore than we want Blacks, mexicans or orientals infesting our town. I am tired of you people. Stay in eastern Europe if you are so proud of being Slavic subhumans.

    Indians (Indo-Aryans, not Dravidians) have done far more for America than most other ethnic groups. We are the most successful people in business, high technology, medicine, etc.. We also have the lowest crime rates, and the lowest intermarriage rates with whites unlike the orientals. We keep to ourselves.




    filthy Polacks and Czechs especially stay out.



    and Russky subhumans.



    Admin it’s time to make a move here :) You “Argosy Sam” you need to visit nearest psychiatrist…



    and you’re still a subhuman Slav. no more desired in the United States than Blacks, Hispanics, Arabs/Iranians, and orientals.

    (and western Europeans moving here like GERMANS and BRITS are not really wanted here either)



    We should keep him as a pet.



    Haha, what a fool



    This guy is a real pleb



    Didn’t he already post a similar thread a few months ago? Or someone’s getting tired and running out of ideas?



    Can he be banned or something? Although, I believe he is trolling…



    I’m so sorry to tell you this news American East Indian dude! The Slavic invasion of America is complete! As you can see in this recent video footage, Poland invaded America on May 7, 2016! Where is the East Indian medical doctors parade??? I do not see it anywhere! 


    Everyone is dancing to the Polish music!



    @cHr0mChIk no shit, captn Obvious. It’s cringeworthily unfunny, though.



    “Morons – I’m American that has no love for you Slavs”

     Why did you introduce yourself in plural? 



    not impress me. you lack tempo and the rhythm is so predictable and that is never good. i also felt lack of conviction. is it possible that you did not…you ….you know…. oooh never mind. oh yes i almost forgot which castes you are, some with no sense of humour im sure 



    Next thing you know, a Turk is going to tell us we’re not welcome in Germany D
    Great premise, high hilarity potential, but crappy execution.
    Boo, OP, boo. You give trolls a bad name.

    No, I’m not giving you any pointers.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)

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