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    kako ocijeniti ili jednostavno prepoznati poetiku filmskog rezisera a da je pocnemo samo sturo klasifikovat po principima i zakonitostima filmske kritike? na koji nacin cu suceliti kusturicu i tarkovskog. mogu li dva filma biti jednako autenticna?

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Hey there @soli please write in English so everybody could understand you! Thanks! 



    sorry i dont type that good or fast so i kinda focus on people who can actualy understand my mothertongue. but ill do my best



    don’t know if one can discuss film makерс in the context of Slavic
    authenticity. Both Emir Kusturica and Andrej Tarkovsky are acclaimed
    film-makers. There are many talented film makers living in Slavic



    this scene from Emir Kusturica film WHEN FATHER WAS AVAY , another great slav director Milosh Forman declare as greatest love scene in film history. will you agree?                                              https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdjkfJc45JQ



    with all do respect to Forman this is mine                                  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZf00ad3G6o




    Emir Kusturica is Slav director but his movies have nothing to do with Slavs ( apart of Dolly Bell which is Yugoslav specific) There is wonderful Yugoslav/Croatian movie from 1967,  The birch tree (Breza) which gives inside to the old and forgotten Slavic tradition.



    I was wondering when someone would say that. Most of my Serbian friends don’t like (or even dislike) Kusturica, “the Gypsy director” (and respectively aren’t great fans of Goran Bregovic either), while many of my non-Serbian and especially non-Balkan friends rather do like him (them). Usually if they’re from countries with next to no Gypsies…

    As for a Bulgarian director, I’m not an art critic, so I’d go local-patriotic and propose a director from my village who made a movie about my village (and his childhood) – Rangel Valchanov’s “Лачените обувки на незнайния воин” (“The unknown soldier’s patent leather shoes”).



    @anna25 do you remember dolly bell, when father was away, underground, life is miracle 

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