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    I don't really know much what a haplogroup is but I took a dna test on 23andme (was expensive but I had been saving up). This test tells not only your haplogroup but an ethnicity estimate. (I already know what I am but its neat to see what the professionals think)

    I'm going to tell you my results today, I want to keep myself fairly anonymous so hopefully you won't mind if I don't upload pics.

    First of all, my ethnicity estimate is true to what I was always told. 100% European. No Ashkenazi, and it say I am both Eastern and Northern European.

    Now, my Mother's haplogroup is an odd one, U2e1a. It is a subgroup of U2e.  From what I know (which is very little) is that it is more of an Asian haplogroup but it had branched out into Eastern Europe and is found in some Eastern Europeans. My Mother is where I get my Slavic blood from.

    My Father, who is nearly 100% Irish, had a haplogroup of R1b1b2a1a2f, a subgroup of R1b1b2. The most common haplogroup in Western Europe.

    So Id like to know more about my Slavic Mother's mysterious haplogroup, U2e. I know little to nothing about it, and i'm really interested so please, don't hesitate to help :)

    Thanks guys


    Shouldn't have named the thread "rare-er" makes no sense. I was trying to be witty.



    It seems your Mother is one of those Rare Native Europeans.

    "Haplogroup U is found in 15% of Indian caste and 8% of Indian tribal populations.[2] U is found in approximately 11% of native Europeans and is held as the oldest maternal haplogroup found in that region.[2][3][4] Haplogroup U is subdivided into Haplogroups U1-U9. Haplogroup K is a subclade of U8.[5] The old age has led to a wide distribution of the descendant subgroups across Western Eurasia, North Africa, and South Asia. Some subclades of U have a more specific geographic range."

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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