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    Today, I was organizing photos for my Ukrainian Family History book. One thing I noticed: NO ONE IS SMILING. Maybe a slight “Mona Lisa” smile here and there, but no big “Say Cheese” American-type grins. Everyone is so serious. Some even look afraid. So afraid are they, that they are holding flowers to ward off the evil camera taking their souls for all eternity. A couple of the men are smiling, even laughing, but they may be 1) drunk or 2) goofy in the head. IDK. One person looks like they were forced to smile – “the coat hanger in the mouth smile.” At least he tried. 

    Now I’m depressed. 

    We are serious Ukrainian children. 



    Certainly, our world would be better place if everyone walked about with big plastic fake smiles at all times. Say cheese!!! :D




    Smiling too often is bad for your skin. You can get wrinkles, but I think your ancestors knew that already back then :D



    I think it’s safe to say that Eastern Europeans don’t smile, unless there’s a reason for it. The fake American plastic smiles are generally regarded negatively – you’re either a loonie or you’re just a dishonest son of a bitch. So it’s natural that people would look more serious on pictures, especially back in the time when taking pictures was quite a rare thing (no selfies, obviously) – you wouldn’t want to be remembered as the goofy idiot on the family photo, would you? Of course, nowadays it’s somewhat different…



    My ancestors were goofy idiots then. :D



    I was told by my Dedo that in the olden days the men would not smile, but rather put “beans” in their mouths to make their faces more “full” or “fat” looking, so that when they gave their photo to a woman (suitor), it would indicate a “well-fed” man, giving the impression of affluence, which was desirable apparently.   :D

    I don’t need the beans these days.  :D



    @GLK That is an awesome story! Yes, I’ve heard in the old days a plump body was a sign of wealth.

    My ancestors were so brave! This baby courageously defied the order to smile! Note the flowers for protection from the camera taking his tiny soul.  :D

    One more non-smiling ancestor. Not sure who this guy is, but I’d say he didn’t have too much to smile about anyway.  I think somehow his nose was smashed. Harsh life, I’m sure. :/ Note the bandage on his right pointer finger. 



    When I saw two or three photos of my great grandparents they weren’t smiling neither. 



    Wearing a perpetual smile all the time defeats the purpose of smiling.
    I only smile at the funerals of my enemies.




    You must be a blast at parties.

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