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    Myrotvorets is a Ukrainian Kiev-based website that purports to reveal personal information of people who are considered to be “enemies of Ukraine”.

    Nadia Savchenko became a hero of Ukraine after she was detained by Russian authorities. She was awarded the highest order one can obtain in Ukraine,  because she was facing a jail term in Russia. In Ukraine, she was seen as a Ukrainian Joan of Arc. Savchenko became a member of Ukrainian parliament in an instant.

    Today, Savchenko is seen as an enemy of Ukraine and terrorist by Ukrainian authorities. General prosecutor of Ukraine Lutsenko call to strip her of immunity of a member of Ukrainian parliament. So he can open a criminal case against her for terrorism.

    It’s easy to get the highest order of Ukraine and hero status, and two years later the hero becomes an enemy of Ukraine and terrorist accomplice. :)

    Ukrainian Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko, a former pilot and volunteer fighter who was freed from Russian captivity, has been included in Ukraine’s Myrotvorets (Peacekeeper) Center database, which lists individuals who pose a threat to the country’s security. The information about her is available in the “Purgatory” section.

    “A traitor of the country. An accomplice to terrorists. Preparations for terrorist acts in Ukrainian territory on commission from the aggressor country and pro-Russian terrorist organizations. Preparations for a coup d’etat,” the website says. As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukraine’s parliament on March 15 expelled independent Member of Parliament Nadiia Savchenko from the Verkhovna Rada’s National Security and Defense Committee. In addition, Ukrainian Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko said investigators had clear evidence that Savchenko had personally given instructions on how to prepare a terrorist attack on Ukraine’s parliament. Later, he submitted a motion to the Verkhovna Rada for the arrest of Savchenko.

    Read more on UNIAN: https://www.unian.info/society/10044554-savchenko-lands-up-on-ukraine-s-myrotvorets-database.html



    Only trusty and well-beloved individuals should receive National Hero awards. Savchenko has always struck me as a weirdo or possibly mentally ill. She has not shown herself to be of good character. She could never get accepted in my college sorority even. We chose girls with these qualities: intellectual curiosityleadership potential, commitment to service, and personal excellence. New members are selected because they exhibit these qualities. Savchenko has none of these qualities. She is a loser. 

    Ukraine is one crazy place. No wonder my ancestors left the joint. I wish I was Croatian. It’s so beautiful and quiet there. 

    Maybe I should take this cruise. I need a vacation. I can maybe convert to “croatianism.” :D

    Cruise Croatia
    Save $500 on an eight-day spring cruise from Dubrovnik to Split. The Central Holidays voyage, which departs April 28 and May 12, includes stops at trendy Hvar and Mljet National Park. Book by March 31 to pay as little as $998 per person.

    Sometimes to relax I watch Croatian travel videos. It is very Zen and sparks joy in my heart.





    If memory serves me correctly you were supportive of Nadia Savchenko a couple of years ago. I don’t know if Nadia is a loser. I don’t care if she’s a loser or hero. I don’t know her biography.

    In today’s Ukraine if you are detained by Russian authorities because you are responsible for deaths of Russian journalists, then you are hero and can obtain highest Order of Ukraine becoming a member of Ukrainian parliament. Two years later Nadia is critical of Ukrainian government and corruption in Ukrainian government , and she becomes an enemy of Ukraine and terrorist accomplice.

    Nadia said she will return the Order back to president Poroshenko.



    I remember reading on her [Надия Савченко] and despising everything about her.  Her comments of killing more русские and wanting to do so were generally alarming for me, coming from Donbas.  I never had any pretences of seeing her as a hero.  And @Karpivna, if you did support her years ago, why the back peddle?  It makes no sense, if you did like her.  It’s just as odd as the government in Ukraine, if you ask me, because you are doing what these governments in Slavija have always done: declare those who criticise you mentally ill or not fit.  Please, explain.  I want to understand.



    @Sviatogor @MikhailA  I don’t have any strong opinions about Nadia. I think she needs a Spa Day and Makeover, though. Her haircut is not flattering. 




    Maybe not appropriate to state this for me. In Ukraine many people are asking why Nadia doesn’t have children. She’s 36 now.



    @Karpivna Croatia was in war not even thirty years ago, it’s not peaceful. Slavic country with probably the most peaceful past is most likely Slovakia. Even little Slovenia had more blood she’d with Italians and Austrians and other Balkan nationals. Slovaks and Czechs are a peaceful people. 



    @Sviatogor She looks like a lesbian. 




    She was your hero a couple of years. No? Don’t call her bad names. She may become a hero of Ukraine again. :)



    @Sviatogor I don’t remember having Nadia as a hero. :D Perhaps, I did at one time. I don’t have her picture hanging on my wall. :D Every time I’ve seen her photo, I’ve thought she looked like a lesbian. I don’t wish her any harm, but I don’t think Ukraine needs her in a leadership role. She is a problem and not a part of the solution for Ukraine. She’s a distraction. 

    My opinions on Ukraine are a work in progress. As I study Ukraine, my opinions change, sometimes from day to day. 



    Thank you for explanation.



    @Karpivna me and you are american slavs, but I chose to come back to the continent of my ancestors to better know them, if only for a while. Slovakia has lots of problems, our prime minister just resigned because mafia is involved over here. Ukraine is even worse. its pretty interesting here though if you want to come and check it out. 




    Croatia was in war not even thirty years ago, it’s not peaceful. Slavic country with probably the most peaceful past is most likely Slovakia.

    Yea, sure! @Karpivna just ignore the fact that a young journalist and his girlfriend were recently murdered because of informing the public about the connection between Italian mafia and our politicians. :D



    @”Kapitán Denis” Yes, the murder of the journalist and girlfriend was a huge international news story. It was on the news here in USA. 

    At least your president did not pay off a bribe to a porn star to not talk about their affair. :D



    @”Kapitán Denis” Italian mafia killed the young journalist. Slovakia hasn’t had major violence in forever, Croatia has a much more violent history than Slovakia. 

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