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    National Folk Ensembles and Groups in Slavic Countries

    Slavic countries are abundant in folklore groups of all kinds. Their main goal is to preserve local and some of them also national traditions and folklore and to pass the heritage on to the following generations.

    Read the full story here



    Slovenia has a professional folk asemble!! It is called Akademska folklorna skupina France Marolt from Ljubljana.




    Nope @Tinny :) Slovenia hasn’t professional folk ensemble. Marolt is academic but not professional. Slovenia has three academic groups AFS France Marolt, AFS Študent and AFS Ozara Kranj and not even one is national or professional.



    I enjoyed this article very much! :) I have seen here in America the Polish “Slask” and Ukrainian “Virsky” touring companies. The dancing seems highly stylized. I doubt regular villagers danced as these professionally trained performers! :D Still, very entertaining and representative of the countries’ culture. Virsky did a cool video for the Euro 2016 football:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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