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    NATO is about to get sued by Serbia for using depleted uranium when it illegally bombed the crap out of Yugoslavia in 1999.
    Serbia has formed an international legal team to file a lawsuit against NATO over its alleged use of depleted uranium munitions during its three-month bombing of Yugoslavia 18 years ago. http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2017/06/14/525223/Serbia-lawsuit-NATO-bombing-depleted-uranium-Yugoslavia



    I’m siding with Srbija.



    Hopefully not just bombing but failed ground invasion, which is not much known of.



    The Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists has formed a legal team and says it will file charges against NATO for using depleted uranium during the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

    A team of international legal experts will represent Serbians suffering from cancer as a result of the 1999 bombing by bringing cases against NATO states, the head of the Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists told BIRN.

    “We have formed a team made up of experts from Serbia and abroad and we already have around 50 people from [the Serbian city of] Nis with seemingly relevant medical documentation interested,” said Srdjan Nogo, the president of the Academy.

    “I’m not a doctor, so I can’t claim they are sick because of the NATO bombing, so first doctors have to check the documentation,” he added.

    He said the legal team is made up of 26 lawyers and professors from Serbia, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, China, Britain and Turkey.

    NATO launched air strikes in Serbia on March 24, 1999, without the backing of the UN Security Council, after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic refused to sign up to a peace deal to end his forces’ violent crackdown on Kosovo Albanians seeking independence.

    By the time Milosevic eventually conceded 78 days later, paving the way for NATO to enter Kosovo, the civilian death toll from the bombing campaign was put at around 500 by Human Rights Watch.

    The use of weapons with cancer-causing depleted uranium is also believed to have killed dozens of Italian soldiers during missions to Kosovo, according to European NGOs.

    Nogo said that according to the Serbian Health Ministry, one child in the country falls ill with cancer every day, which was the motive for the Academy’s initiative.

    He explained that charges will be filed in the national courts of NATO member states and that one of the demands will be for assistance in the medical treatment of cancer patients in Serbia.

    Nogo argued that NATO countries responsible for attacks in specific areas could be identified.

    “It is known which plane bombed which part of Serbia; for example, it is known that a French plane dropped the bomb in Lake Palic [in the northern city of Subotica],” he explained.

    He added that the Academy will ask Serbs abroad to donate to the initiative and that members of the expert team will work pro bono.

    “Without wishing to cause hatred or be mean, we only want dignity for Serbian citizens,” he said.

    Nogo said he did not expect any financial support for the state.

    He said that the initiative had been given the blessing of the Serbian Patriarch, but the head of Serbian Orthodox Church’s office told BIRN that this was incorrect.

    The Serbian Royal Academy of Scientists and Artists claims the legacy of the Serbian Royal Academy, which was founded in 1886 and operated until the Yugoslav Communists came to power.

    It says its objective is “to improve existing conditions necessary for the material and spiritual rebirth of the nation and the state”.





    I fully support this action. We were victim of radioactive weapon’s, cancer rates went exponentially up since then. That alone is a very serious crime for which someone has to answer, not to mention they broke several international laws, and conventions by sole act of aggression. Civilian victims, damaged infrastructure and public and private buildings (including schools and hospitals) and destroyed land that will take literally thousands of years to be usable again. Plus destroyed factories that were bought by corporations from NATO countries for “pot of fish” as soon as privatization started, but I doubt this will even be mentioned.



    Theater. The weak don’t sue the strong.



    Lol,good luck with that.



    What if US sues Serbia for violating US air stealth technology. Think about that!



    @Povhec Don’t give Trump ideas!  :D



    Don’t worry Karpa, Serbs been thru worse times. They will survive.



    @Povhec Serbia issued an apology for that right away. “Sorry, we didn’t know it was invisible” (after shooting down F117A stealth bomber-“the invisible plane”)



    It’s about time ! I stand with Serbia.



    Good-day, brothers!
    I am a Russian and live in the city of Volgograd, Russia. We shall defeat the USA, NATO in our lands and return Kosovo to Serbia foremost by force. Still the traitors in power hinder us. Here are my considerations on the subject (in Russian).

    30.10.2017 в Москве открыли «Стену скорби» – памятник жертвам политических репрессий. Это ещё одно доказательство предательства российских властей. Ведь явная ложь о якобы миллионах невинных, незаконно осуждённых людях при Сталине И.В. выгодна США, чтобы морально уничтожить, разрушить Россию, а российские власти, это видно, исполняют волю США.
    Другим, страшным свидетельством предательства российских властей является бойня в Беслане 1 – 3 сент. 2004 г., которая была устроена по приказу ЦРУ и могла быть осуществлена лишь при соучастии в ней российской власти. Как и вся современная война на Кавказе есть предательство российской власти в угоду США.
    Что касается сути обвинений Сталина И.В. и России Соединёнными Штатами Америки, то не Штатам нас осуждать, учить гуманизму, а именно: США уничтожили почти полностью коренное население – индейцев Северной Америки (геноцид). Русские же веками сосуществуют со всеми коренными народами России, даже и не помышляя о подобных зверствах. США во время Второй мировой войны согнали 120 тысяч невинных японцев, живших в США, в концлагеря, сбросили атомные бомбы на Хиросиму и Нагасаки, совершали массовые преступления во время войны во Вьетнаме. Власти США: убили в 1985 году 13-летнюю Саманту Смит (и её отца) только за то, что она хорошо отозвалась о Советском Союзе, устроили теракты в Нью-Йорке 11 сент. 2001 г. и на Бостонском марафоне 15 апр. 2013 г., убили мэра города Парачо-де-Вердуско в Мексике по имени Сталин Санчес Гонсалес 06 окт. 2017 г. за то, что его звали Сталин. Целью было запугать сторонников Сталина И.В. по всему миру. Можно долго продолжать.
    США терпеть не могут Сталина И.В. и лгут про него, потому что он не был их слугой  и сделал сильной страну – СССР.
    Следовательно, победить США в России и странах бывшей Югославии могут, в основном, люди, действующие в духе Сталина И.В.
    Вышесказанное не относится к трудящемуся народу США, который я очень уважаю и к Президенту США Трампу Д., который занял эту должность менее года назад и поэтому не несёт пока в полной мере ответственность за происходящее в его стране.



    NATO is hypocritical.

    Why they didn’t help Catalonia to get independance, but when is question about destroying Eastern (Slavic) lands, they are first in it. 

    Catalonia deserves more independent then the Kosovo actually do, but there is no NATO in Spain to help them.

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