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    New Face of Macedonia

    New Face of Macedonia – Macedonia has started with massive renovation of their capital city. It is amazing in size and many new structures are both amazing and controversial! Take a glimpse how Macedonia is building their town as we speak! Some of you after viewing this might wonder is Macedonia cul…

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    vulgar and grotesque are the words that come to mind. FYROM is not Macedonia. Slavs do not speak Greek. The illness that is antiquization has gripped the nation.



    @elefterios I assume you don’t like the Republic of Macedonia…



    @elefterios I agree these monuments are kitsch and show lack of good taste and Slavs indeed do not speak Greek (except when forced through years of oppressive government policies), but I have to break it to you, that M in FYROM has a meaning too… it’s FYR of Macedonia



    Whilst some of it does look tacky, the vast majority of the project is an improvement over the grey communist buildings that were there before. Sadly the new govt wants to return to the grey…



    Can’t be worse than London’s neo-gothic shit, can it? Well, too early to tell. The history museum looks like an extra fabulous Parthenon, especially with those floodlights, which is fitting, I guess and that triumphant arch is just precious.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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