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    I invite you to a new website dedicated to the monuments of medieval and antiquity


    for now, the monuments of Slovakia and Poland are present
    please write comments and observations



    On the site appeared castles, churches and monasteries of Estonia



    Medieval monuments of Latvia available on the site



    You put so much effort and hard work to your project. I appreciate it. <3
    I’m reading about the ruin of Levice castle. I’ve been there countless times.
    There’s a good portion of info, not just some quick statistics. Brief but informative!



    I’m glad that
    the website pleases :), I hope that my English can be read, I am not a
    professional translator and I had to all translate myself on the site, I
    am constantly afraid that I made a lot of mistakes



    Man such an awesome website. Really many praises to you for your hard work. You basically have every castle in Slovakia there, even Oponice behind my dad’s village. Your English is also really good, there are a few errors here and there but not poor English at all. Again great website, if I had more time I could help with correcting some things in English. At the moment I don’t but maybe this summer if your interested. 



    Sure that I’m interested, the site will not run away until summer :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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