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    Noble Sarmatian Grave Discovered In Russia

    Tomb of a noble Sarmatian “Amazon” dating from V-IV century BC found in the Orenburg regio…

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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Croats and Serbs derive from Sarmatian tribes Harahwaiti and Serboi.
    Russia and Ukraine are full of Sarmatian and Scynthian graves.
    Poland even had Sarmatism ideology and also it many noble leaders claimed to be Sarmatian in origin.

    I think it’s pretty evident Sarmatian warriors were a great factor in creation of Slavic states of today.



    More than likely they brought culture in early Slavic tribes,they art resembles ours(flower motives,cattle much like Slavic the attention is on detail). Our culture is mix between Viking and Middle East if you look better.When I say Viking i mean Bronze age when people had Viking like gods. We where definitely the force like no one had seen then,we can be now but ,politic ,religion,etc…



    You do know that there are many centuries between the bronze age and the Vikings?
    Vikings start around 876 AD where as the bronze age is 2200 till 800 BC.



    Fascinating! And don’t forget the Bulgars/Proto-Bulgarians were also of a Sarmatian stock. And some of the early medieval cultures in Ukraine (f.e., Penkovka, was it?) rather clearly show a mixing between the southern Sarmatian cultures and the Slavs from the north.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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