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    Despite the dialectal variation of the spoken Slavic languages, the language of the church remained quite consistent. It also remained the primary medium of the liturgy for centuries, though it underwent some changes through the course of time. Hence the terminology Church Slavonic or Church Slavic and, for the oldest documents, Old Church Slavonic or Old Church Slavic. In addition to its use in the ecclesiastical setting, Church Slavonic also remained for several centuries the literary language in various parts of the East and West Slavic speaking areas. Because of the Balkan origin of the earliest manuscripts, OCS is at times termed Old Bulgarian, though this nomenclature has fallen out of fashion.

    [img width=700 height=525]http://www.cepolina.com/photo/Europe/Macedonia/Sveti_Naum/5/Macedonia_Sveti_Naum_Orthodox_church.jpg”/>


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