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    A fifth of Poles quizzed in a new survey claim they would sacrifice their life for their country, as a debate rages about a Polish officer who risked death to defect to the CIA in 1972.


    According to the survey, which was carried out by the Homo Homini Institute in the context of a new film about Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski, as many as 41 percent of Poles would not sacrifice anything at all for their country.

    While 19 percent said they would sacrifice their life or health, some 17 percent claimed that they would give up all their assets for the good of their country.

    The results, which were released on the tenth anniversary of Kuklinski's death, indicate that Poles from small towns and the countryside are slightly more willing to make sacrifices than their compatriots in cities.

    Some 43 percent of those questioned from cities of 50,000 inhabitants or more said they were not prepared to sacrifice anything for Poland, whereas in villages and small towns, the level was lower at 39 percent.

    Colonel Ryszard Kuklinski was spirited out of Poland in 1981, having spent eight years passing on classified documents to the CIA.

    The debate about Kuklinski's motives has been reignited with new film Jack Strong, which was released on 7 February. President Bronislaw Komorowski declaring he was considering posthumous honours for the colonel.

    CIA veteran David Forden told the Polish Press Agency following the premiere that Kuklinski “was deeply loyal to his country, and at the same time he grasped that this country was not free – that's why he decided to do what he did, knowing he was taking a huge risk.” (nh)

    Source: Rzeczpospolita



    The only two things worth dying for are family and home-land. That's my opinion.



    state ought to serve people, not vice versa :)


    state ought to serve people, not vice versa :)

    Ok, I'm going to talk to my state!  ;D
    State is not a being by itself. You need people who serve state to have state serving society.

    Those questions are asked wrong way. Nobody wants to die ,especially when they have family ,children etc.
    Question is ,would you fight for your homeland ,city ,yard ,house ,family? And then the answer is YES.



    Well, it"s not just like that. Let's say there is a burgler in your house pointing a gun on your head saying your family will live, but you must die. That's no fighting, but i'd still choose to save my family.



    I imagine that this opinion is formed rather on basis of patriotism (loyalty to state – including president) instead of nationalism (blood and soil) and I can tell you that I don't know anyone, who would want to die for corrupt neocon, like Donald Tusk. I believe that it would be different if it came down to dying for one's family, people and country.



    You"re maybe right, i really would'nt die for some politician. That's the reason i'm not i army ;-) And it's not just Tusk, we have our own corrupted government too. It's like this: in history Slovakia was most of the time under someones domination and since last 16 years Slovakia is autonomous, dying for saving this independence is one of things i would be willing to do, if necessary.



    heh, it's 21, not 16. I don't know, why i did the math so bad O:-)

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