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    Hello everyone,

         I was wondering if anyone help me out. I am an American of Slovak descent. My family comes from the town of Trebisov in eastern Slovakia. Why would my family have a German last name? I know a fair amount of Germans lived in Slovakia, especially eastern and north-central Slovakia. I know a lot of names were magyarized and there are certain names that Slavs share, but does a German name mean I may be, at least in part, ethnically German? If anyone has any ideas or better grasp of Slovak history I would greatly appreciate it!



    What is your last name?  That’s the important question to even be able to have an idea of whatever German name you type of.



    Everyone is from eastern Slovakia.



    it all depends on the name itself. If it’s for example occupational surname like Schuster (cobbler), Schneider (tailor) Pinter (cooper) it doesn’t have to be of ethnic German origin, it could be just that local population used that term for the specific profession. But I’m no expert in genealogy, this is just my reasoning.



    Thank you all for your replies! The last name is Marschall.




    That link is a different spelling. This one…
    So there is one instance of Slovakia, most of the others are Germany, Austria, USA etc. That’s why I was wondering if German last names were not uncommon in SK.



    try Slovak spelling: Maršal.
    also here’s a link to a Slovak site showing there were 65 recorded Maršals in Slovakia in 1995.
    or 17 Marschalls.



    I think it is quite important to mention that Slovakia was a part of Austria-Hungary.



    Nice to have u back man, it’s been a while





    @Karpivna I was born in FR Yugoslavia, went to school for three years in SU Serbia and Montenegro, I’m living in Serbia, still on the same address… Shaokang probably has SFRY to add to my list.


    @Dušan Yup, made in SFRY.
    PS. I also never moved from my village



    Let’s go step by step about the image you posted.

    I was born in Austro-Hungry.  > That’d be prior to 1918.

    I went to school in Czechoslovakia > Okay. That would be in Transcarpathia of modern Uzhhorod Ukraine.

    I was married in Hungary > Maybe which is a tiny period of time in late 30s.

    I worked in Soviet Union > Very likely

    Here’s unusual statement.

    ‘I was buried in Ukraine ‘

    How does the person know where he or she was buried?

    The message is creative , but looks odd to me.

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