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    I’ve read somewhere that Turks of south-eastern Bulgaria have Anatolian origins. While Turks of north-eastern Bulgaria have mostly local origins. Locals changed religion mixing with some Ottoman migrants switching to Turkish language. It’s difficult to search for academic literature on the subject in Bulgarian language. Any references to such literature in Bulgarian or English would be much appreciated.



    The map of Turkish settlements in Bulgaria



    Did you try find anything about Pomaks/помаци?



    @KnezIvan I have some information about Pomaks. But they are not Turks. They have a different identity.



    Well i don`t think that Antolian Turks in Bulgaria are something odd. Turks settled there during Otoman Empire. Before Bulgaria indenpendency a lot more Turkish population lived inside Bulgaria. Bulgaria and Turkey have border so it isn`t so odd that Otoman Empire sent during history Anatolian Turks in Bulgaria…



    According to Prof. Ilber Ortayli in 1853 during the Russian-Turkish war in Crimea, a large numbers of Turkish refugees were invited by Mithad Pasha to settle in southern Bulgaria, which the Turks depopulated through systematic genocide of the Bulgarian population. They are Crimean Tatar refugees to a great extent (according to that professor)

    In one of his statements Mithat Paşa said that more than 50% of the ethnic Turks in Bulgaria are of Bulgarian origin. Some say that Mithat Paşa himself was of Bulgarian origin.

    The article is Bulgarian : http://rodopi24.blogspot.com/2012/11/blog-post_3840.html

    I am interested in finding some literature about the origins of Turks living north-eastern Bulgaria. (Добруджа).



    @Sviatogor Actually, the article from your links states that the Turks in southern Bulgaria are anatolian, while the ones in the north-east are from the Crimea and the Caucasus.




    So you don’t think any Turkish community in Bulgaria have Bulgarian origins?



    I do not have enough reason to think either way, as I haven’t seriously looked into it. I was just relaying the information from the link you provided, which, if true, would mean that as a whole they do not.



    Well, in Belarus, Lithuania and eastern Poland there are Tatars who are mixed with Belarusians, Lithuanians and Poles.The grand duke of Lithuania Vytatutas invited Tatars to fight Teutons at Grunwald battle promising them land in Lithuania. After we defeated Teutons Tatars were given land and nobility titles. In modern days, Tatars are well respected in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.



    In our case it wasn’t a grand duke but the goddamn Sultan what invited them. We like them about as much as a boil on the arse. Funny, because they’re not total parasites like the Gypsies and many are decent individually. They still got that ethnocentric clique thing going though, like pretty much every other extra-european minority in Europe. Some of them can look quite fair, but they have that caucasian look, russian “caucasian”, not american.

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