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    I would like to discuss the possibility of forming a Slavic tribe in North America. The tribe will be a spiritual tribe based on living a spiritual life with nature. Perhaps living outside the city, living off the land, just like our ancient ancestors. Our Slavic ancestors use to settle on land and build their homes from the resources available. I believe that this is still possible. Who is interested in living Slavic tribal life and living by the laws of nature? 



    As long as none of these things happen, as happened to Slavic ancestors living in Galicia. Somehow, I think my life is better now.  :D

    1831Asiatic Cholera epidemic
    1846The Galician Peasant Uprising
    1847Typhus and Cholera outbreaks
    1848- 1849The emancipation of the Galician peasants
    1853- 1855The great famine. The “Great Cholera”, 1854, “Little Cholera”, 1873
    1850- 1900The struggle for democracy and overpopulation effects
    1880- 1914The breaking up of the estates
    1905Year of Strikes
    1914- 1921World War I. The passing of the Eastern Front through Galicia several times. The collapse of Austria. The Polish – Russian War.


    I’ll larp as a pagan Mongol and burn your village if you’re not forthcomming with the dosh. Praise Tengri!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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