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    People of Serbia – how Slavs look like

    The Serbs are a South Slavic nation and large ethnic group native to the Balkans. The majority of Serbs inhabit Serbia (including the disputed territory of Kosovo), as well as neighboring nations such as Bosnia and Herzegovina (mostly Republika Srpska) and Montenegro, and form significant minorities…

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    Good article. I think that the best thing we Serbs have are our women. That can be seen from your pictures. I found a great article about Serbian women

    We also have big diaspora in Chicago for example.

    And don’t forget to mention that we are very good at sports like water polo, basketball(Most successful foreign NBA players are from Serbia) and Tennis (Novak Djokovic).



    Serbs women, like the most of the ex Yu women, are very beautiful when young. However, they peak too soon and by the age of 35, they look very run down. Is it because of hard life or genetics, I don’t know.



    The girl on the left can easily pass in Belarus.



    In the topic picture I find the girl on the left more attractive than the girl on the right. Main reason being is too much make up. Not a fan of over doing the make up. 



    Serbian women are indeed very attractive some of the prettiest women I know are Serbian here in Vienna. Though I think the two blond girls in the main pic aren’t very typical Serbian girls at least not from the ones I know here in Vienna 



    We’re quite varied on the Balkans. Even the typical appearances aren’t really all that typical.



    Individually Serbs are good people, but we have many flaws. When it comes to physical appearance there aren’t many ugly people, although many Serbs lean on the southern, Mediterranean physical appreance rather then central/eastern European



    Well, I have one goal I want to try girl from every Slavic group, didnt had south Slavic girl yet :/ :D



    OMG, are you a cannibal?! I thought only Germans do that!



    You know, germanic influence was strong in west Slavic countries :/ 

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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