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    The article is actually 15 pages from the book Studia Mythologica Slavica Vol.4 and it's way too long to copy into this thread so here is a link to a great read about the Polabian Slavs and Christianity.

    The article explores the question of how the pagan Polabian Slavs could perceive Christianity at the time of its expansion to the East.  An attempt is made here to distance ourselves from the Christian background, and to analyze how some people can see beliefs that others often have no doubts about – a difficult task indeed. The article looks at how the ordinary people saw this new religion and concludes that their general perception of Christianity was negative. It shows that such an attitude was due to the association of Christianity with imperial subjugation, economic exploitation and destruction of the old ways of life. What the new religion sometimes offered was hardly acceptable and understood by the Polabian society. Also, the article explains why Christian conversion gained ground much quicker with the members of the Polabian Upper class and the rulers.

    Enjoy  ;)



    Excellent Article, good work Wislav!  From he Wends point of view, I am sure having a Religion Unite all your enemies in the World against you militarily and even recruiting people all the way from Italy and England to comme and attempt to murder you and sell your women and children into slavery into slaver in the Middle East, did not exactly endear the Roman Catholic Church to the Wendish warriors who year by year were pushed back by the Germans, Danes, Austrians and Polish Catholics  into the Swampd of the Sprewald or the dark Forrests of Eastern Germany.  For the record no peace treaty was ever signed and as late as the 1970 the Monarchy of Sweden and Denmark gave up the phrase "King of the Wends" from their titles as they were recieving threats and it was not somethin they ever achieved.

    It was not just the Wends that were attacked by this Church, but our Allies Norway, were for a while brought under the Crown of the Danish King.  Of course Jamers Gate in Copenhagen still stands as a monument today about how dumb it is to claim you conquered a people, when their Armies are still fighting in the field.  The Wends smashed into Copehagen and trashed the Spear Danes capital through the heavily defended Jamers gate.

    Christianity never really caught on with the Wends until Martin Luther, and then it cauht on with a vengence.  Of course some Christian Kings were friends to the Wends like Canute the Viking King of England and St. Olaf the irst Christian King of Norway.

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