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    hello. I am hoping someone here can help me. I have been trying for years to locate where exactly my great grandfather was born and lived before immagrating to the states.

    Unfortunately my grandfather has passed and I was not not close to him to gather information. the only information I have is from public records I have found on anscestry. Com 

    my last name is Slovinsky. According to my great grandfathers immigration papers he was born in “felso slank Austria” and lived there until he immigrated. In later documents he had written that he was from Czechoslovakia. Yet again years later he had written in a death certificate that he was born in Slovakia. Census documents state that his native tongue was Slovak. 

    This is all the information I can find. My search has gone cold at “felso slank Austria” if some one out there could please help me with any information it would be greatly appreciated. I want to know where my roots are from and have that knowledge to pass along to my children. 

    Additionally, his wife’s mothers maiden name was “lukacs” and her fathers last name was “veselenak” both of which names I also believe to be of Slavic descent as well?

    thank you in advance. 



    Welcome to Slavorum, darkstar. :) Glad to see you are interested in your Slavic family history. With the little information you have, you will need to put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, so let’s get started.  :D I hope you enjoy unraveling a good mystery!

    As the genealogists say, without a village, you have nothing! You need to find your ancestral villages before you can proceed any further.

    1. http://www.libertyellisfoundation.org/passenger

    This is where you need to start your search. You need to find your immigrant ancestors ship records. Often, these ship records will have recorded their village of origin. Compile all of your ancestors full names and start searching. Names were often misspelled on records, so you may need to try many variations. Do you know the approximated dates your ancestors arrived in the USA? If not, don’t worry. 

    2. What religion did your ancestors practice? This can give clues to ethnic background and possibly location within a country of origin. If you know their local churches in the USA, these churches may have records. 

    3. Did your ancestors become Naturalized Citizens of the USA? Obtaining their citizenship papers may offer clues. https://familysearch.org/wiki/en/United_States_Naturalization_and_Citizenship

    4. Familysearch.org is a great site for researching and learning the process of genealogy.

    5. Find any documents, photos, etc. related to the ancestors you are searching. Start interviewing any living relatives who may have information.



    Felső-Ausztria means Upper Austria. What does Slank mean? What do you mean you have your grandfather’s immigration papers? What are these papers exactly? Felso-Slank seems to me to be a region not a village. I found this information related to “slank” but it is not Czech-Slovak related.


    Maybe some others here on the forum know more about “felso-slank.”



    Thank you for your response. I have already searched the Ellis island records and have not found any results for George Slovinsky. I have tried multiple different spellings.

    Religion is unknown to me. 

    as far as village goes I have his naturalization record which he writes “felso slank Austria” as his birthplace and previous residence. 
    It also says Bremen was the port he departed from. 
    Under ship name he wrote “do not know”



    Is there a way to attach a photo here? 



    Likely southern Poland is the region of your ancestry – Galicia to be precise.



    Did you search felso-slank Austria on Ellis Island?  That would bring up all passengers from that place. To attach a photo you need to use a photo hosting site like Imgur or Tiny Pic. Upload your photo, copy the url. Click on the photo icon located in the top of the comment box here on Slavorum. Paste the url from the photo into the box and hit enter.



    Lukács is a Magyar version of Slovak Lukáč. And the second name should be written as Veseleňák, I assume.
    @Sviatogor Please, if you know something about it, give him more information and tell him the reason why you think he was from Galicia.



    @”Kapitán Denis”

    This is what I know.

    Most immigrants of eastern Europe in USA were from Poland.
    Southern Poland was part of Austro-Hungary between 1795-1918
    Slovinsky is Polish surname. Maybe west Ukrainian.
    The person visited Slavorum, so he assumed Slavic ancestry.

    Likely, the person has southern Polish ancestry, in my opinion.



    Thank you all for commenting. Please do explain why you think polish. I do know from stories I’ve heard that my grandfather and great grandfather would always correct anyone who assumed we were polish and tell them we are Slovak not polish. 

    Karpivna, I have searched for felso-slank everywhere with no results, this is why I have came here. Hoping someone here would have knowledge of what that could be. 



    This is the record in question




    Either southern Pole or Slovak. More likely southern Pole, because Slovynsky is not a Slovak surname. It’s not even Polish surname because Poles will spell it Slowinski. Your surname is likely west Ukrainian – Rusyn to be exact.



    What is George in Slovak? I see on his citizenship application last name is spelled “Slovinski.” I agree with @sviatogor on the Rusyn. Most “Slovaks” in my local area are Rusyn and attend the Greek Catholic Church. Their ancestral villages are in Eastern Slovakia, though. One of my neighbors growing up was Rusyn from Slovakia. She went back there all the time.



    @darkstar I typed “slank” into Google maps and the it gave me this:
    New Slankamen
    Old Slankamen

    2 villages in Vojvodina (Serbia). There are many Slovaks living in Vojvodina. The Old Slankamen is North-East from New Slankamen, so it could be Felső (Upper) Slank from the source you provided. Or maybe it means the district, not the village itself. Slankamen is also a vineyard North-West from both villages.

    The word Slankamen means Salty Stone.




    It’s a name found in East Slovakia, like sviatogor said probably rusyn. But probably a rusyn from Slovakia if he said he was from Czechoslovakia and then said he spoke Slovak. 

    -Sky names are common in Slovakia as well, I doesnt necessarily mean Polish ancestry. I have many sky names in my family, but slovinský sounds quite unique I would have to speak to my father, if he knew anyone with this last name 

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