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    WARSAW, Nov 2 (Reuters) – Poland plans to bar Ukrainians with “anti-Polish views”, its foreign minister said on Thursday, emphasising the nationalist credentials of his ruling party that often talks of the “historic wrongs” inflicted on Poles by their neighbours.

    Witold Waszczykowski said the policy was a reaction to disrespect shown at a Polish cemetery in the western city of Lviv, which was part of Poland before World War Two.

    The foreign ministry said lion sculptures at the cemetery’s entrances that hold shields inscribed with the Polish phrases “Always faithful” and “To you, Poland” had been covered up with boxes.

    Waszczykowski said Ukrainians who express anti-Polish sentiments or make it difficult to maintain ageing Polish symbols in Ukraine would be refused visas. He did not say how the policy would be applied in practice.

    “At the moment, we are launching procedures that will not allow people with extremely anti-Polish views to come to Poland … Those who demonstrate and use administrative instruments against Poland will also bear the consequences,” Waszczykowski told state-run TVP1 television.

    Poland is home to between 1.5 million and 2 million Ukrainians who left their country seeking jobs after the 2014 Maidan uprising and conflict with pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine plunged their economy into recession.

    Despite Poland’s support for an independent Ukraine that can stand up to Russia, tensions over the countries’ troubled shared history have risen since the Law and Justice (PiS) party came to power in Poland two years ago.

    Poland last year passed a resolution that declared the World War Two-era killing of tens of thousands of Poles by units in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) “genocide”. Ukraine rejects that label, saying the killings were tragic and calling for reconciliation and forgiveness.

    Waszczykowski said Poland’s sympathy for Ukraine’s struggles with Russia must not push “historical issues” into the background.

    “It cannot be that geopolitics, that the Russian aggression will be an excuse and that for years we will not settle the issues that divide us,” Waszczykowski said. (Additional reporting by Marcin Goettig; Writing by Lidia Kelly; Editing by Robin Pomeroy)

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-5043127/Poland-ban-Ukrainians-anti-Polish-views.html#ixzz4xHfJ0KOW 



    Jesus, those Polish names, hahaha. “According to prime minister Wrzyzyczyzrwzz Zyzczyzcyzyrlyzkczikowskircz…”




    Fantastic, hahaha



    @texczech82 @NikeBG Shame on you! You guys just made “funny” about Poland. This means Witold will not let you in!  :D




    Well, shit.  I’ve said shitty things about Poland to Poles!  To their faces!  Were their laughs just Gospodin Witold’s commanded response to know who to ban: Whoever makes a Pole laugh of their country is no man we want in Polsce?



    @MikhailA  I want to know how Poland will decide who is banned from entering the country? Will the border agents ask questions like “Are you a supporter of Stepan Bandera?”  It is crazy. This is like Germany asking people, “How to you feel when I say Hitler? Does it make you sad or happy?”  :D

    In July 2016, Poland permanently banned the Ukrainian band “OT VINTA” from entering Poland. 

    A concert by Ukrainian music band Ot Vinta, who is accused in Poland for spreading the cult of Stepan Bandera and the OUN and UPA, would threaten Polish public order and security on the eve of the NATO Summit and the 73th anniversary of the Volyn crime, Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak has said on Monday, Ukrinform’ own Warsaw correspondent has reported.

    “Entry ban for Ot Vinta music band relates to securing public order. I belive that the organizer of the concert would venture to move it from Przemysl to Warsaw. In the context of the NATO Summit and the 73th anniversary of the genocide in Volyn committed by Ukrainian nationalists that we will mark next week, I do not agree to permit any violation of public order and security of our citizens, for which I am responsible,” said the minister.

    Earlier, Ukrainian music band Ot Vinta was not allowed to enter Poland by the Polish border guards last Sunday morning. The Polish authorities stated that the band “is a threat to public order and order in Poland.” The music band had been scheduled to perform at a concert in Warsaw on Sunday evening.

    Here is a song by OT VINTA. Judge them for yourself. They don’t seem too bad to me. I have not listened to all of their music, however.



    Very good. 

    I want to accent that in the article “extremely anti-Polish views” are mentioned. “Extremely”. If someone has issues with a country, why such person wants to come there?

    For comparison, there are Germans who have anti-Polish views, yet they come to Poland for some reasons, mainly as tourists. Some time ago there was a situation when two drunk Germans decided to burn Polish flag – in Poland. They met law enforcement and if I remember correctly they’ve been deported (but I’m not sure about that part). 

    A lot of Ukrainians consider various groups as heroes, I’m not talking here about UPA, but about SS Galizien, for example. SS Galizien was a unit that supported totalitarian system. Supporting totalitarian system is against Polish law. 

    Of course, the article says about having “extremely anti-Polish views” but it is impossible to verify who has them, and who has not. So in practise, I presume, it will be more about possible participation in some anti-Polish events in Poland or sharing such views in public. 

    PS. If I’d ever go to Lviv, I would not start chanting some stuff about “Polish Lviv” or anything anti-Ukrainian. Pure logic suggests that something bad may happen if I would try to. Same with Ukrainians in Poland.



    Did someone say Hitler?

    He really put an end to the toothbrush moustache didn’t he?!

    Does anyone believe he escaped WWII and lived out his life in South America?




    Does anyone believe he escaped WWII and lived out his life in South America?

    I do. He even found a new wife. Black wife.

    Seriously, there are mysteries about his death. Everything is possible. But I guess we’ll never find it out and it’s a waste of time to search for the answer.



    In my opinion Poland should do it




    But why?  While I despise the Ukrainian extremists because they support the actions of groups such as SS Galizien and УРА, I wouldn’t ban people from coming in.  Better to have the idiots speak and thus be able to have their views disproven in discourse rather than allow them to let their views fester and then become dangerous, more so than if their ideas were allowed to be spoken and then crushed by logical arguments rather than blind suppression (like CNN and other media outlets online and on television do).



    @MikhailA To keep Poland Polish.



    We gonna build a wall!



    @”Kapitán Denis” If Poland builds a wall, then Ukraine would be almost totally walled-in. Russia plans to wall-off Crimea from Ukraine. Ukraine is building a wall on the Russia-Ukraine Eastern border.



    Russia–Ukraine barrier, also known as Ukrainian Wall or European Wall, is a fortified border barrier currently under construction by Ukraine on the Russia–Ukraine border.  In August 2017 it became public that large amounts of the money intended to pay for the Wall project were misused and even stolen. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau (NABU) announced the arrest of several individuals involved in the building of the fortified border. As of May 2015, a walled defense system was under construction along the Russian border in Kharkiv Oblast. The project is planned to be finished in 2018.


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