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    Hello Poles, I am from Lithuania. Of recent months and years there has been some growing tensions between our countries. I want Lithuania and Poland to have friendship. What can be done to this end? Maybe Vilnius can become a shared territory or special zone. I also do not agree with the moves against Polish language in Lithuania.



    I hope that our peoples can be on good terms as well. But as far as putting Vilnius into a "special territory"… that would be tough. It's Lithuania's national capital! Any other city would be much easier to move, but even so… hasn't Europe seen enough border problems? I think they should stay the way they are and from that we should work towards a good cooperation. The minute exception come into play, everyone will want exceptions to work for them and there will be no solid base line from which to work.

    However, the language thing is a bit annoying. It is really up to Lithuanians to decide since it is an internal issue of their nation. But take note that after border problems it is culture and language problems that lead to conflict, the really hard to settle conflict that gets engrained. Language and cultural tensions can poison countries for generations and I hope that Lithuania realizes that Poland is a potential ally against a resurgent Russia in the form of Putin.



    Husarz covered it all in the post above pretty well. I agree both our countries need to be friends.  I hope the reason will win in the end. To me these are growing pains, and Lithuanians and Poles will eventually have a good and friendly relationship. I personally always liked Lithuanians and Lithuania.



    Poland and Lithuania should focus on the good times they shared together and not the bad ones.
    I personally love the Baltic countries and their people, I knew a couple of Latvians and they treated me like one of their own.  I also really LOVED their home made pickled PORK !!!!!
    There is also the myth that Baltic and Slavic people once had a common ancestor… and the Baltic people were Slavs who mixed with Norse and Finns… just a myth but could have some truth to it.



    Hello BalticBoy and welcome to Slavorum!

    I believe that tensions between our countries are only thanks to politicians (regarding language rights, here I have to say though that Lithuanian politicians are more at fault than Polish ones, since in my opinion, minority rights protection is more advanced in Poland than it is in Lithuania) and extreme nationalist chauvinists (like in recent cases of Poles vandalising Lithuanian-language signs or Lithuanians vandalising Polish graves). It is really less even than 1% of our populations.

    Let's be serious though, between average Pole and average Lithuanian, there are no problems. There are, on other hand, hundreds of years of great mutual history, fighting alongside each other against foreign invasions and created together one of greatest empires in Europe. Much of our culture, cuisine, architecture, average racial types and even our kings were and are still same. I do blame Polish chauvinism (szlachta and later Polish nationalists in 20th century) for disrupting and eventually destroying this great harmony between us when we should have been united as one against Germany and USSR.

    This is most important for our people to remember and I hope that this nasty little period currently disappears and people forget about it soon. I, personally, have nothing but greatest respect for Lithuania and most Poles are also positive towards it as a country we share much in common with and one who suffered same fate as we did.

    Last thing, Vilinus is now almost 100% Lithuanian demographically. There is no discussion about what should happen to it. Like Poland can not realistically claim cities of Western Ukraine and Belarus or Germans cannot realistically claim cities of Western Poland and Czechia, same can be said of Vilinus. Let us look forward to our future and if we remember past times, it should only be great times when we were friends, like we are again today after years of hate and distrust.

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