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    If anyone can help me figure out who my Great great grandfather would have been I would greatly appreciate it. As I have been banging my head against the wall now for 3 years trying to break my family tree. Those that could give me a 2nd hand account have passed on and the others who could give me a 3rd hand account contradict each others stories.

    Most of what I have is Americanized spelling so fingers crossed someone can help me despite that.  My Great Grandfather would have been
    Wladyslaw Boguslawski
    Born Sept 18,1893 in Wilna, Poland
    Emigrated and died in the United States

    and I am looking to try and figure out who his father is? I have been told his father's name was Boleslaw but another storey gives me the name of  Ignatius but cannot confirm nor deny which one it might have been.  For some reason we are very proud and boastful of our Italian roots but will not talk about our Polish side. That is the side I am drawn to and truly want to know more about it.

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