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    As I created the topic about some special forces in the army and police it would be stupid to suggest by remaining silent that in Poland they have nothing to do, due to absence of criminal groups. So thanks to my boredom I've decided to spent some useless free time on reading and writing something about these groups in Poland.

    First of all, I have put in the topic a noun "mafia" according to some speculations and problems in defining of one of the most dangerous and influential group. But about this later.

    According to "Wprost" (Polish newsletter) elimination of the three most powerful groups is not a synonyme for eliminating crime in Poland. Which is of course obvious. Below is a map created by "Wprost" which shows a rate of commited crimes in Polish voivodeships.


    Red colour – poor situation
    Green colour – moderate situation
    Blue colour – peace and love

    The worst situation is in Łódź, where was never any gang wars (however one of the most powerful groups was in fact, there) but lastly there are commited many pointless murders. Next is Lublin, which in 2011 was considered as not really dangerous. Western Poland is seemed to be not safe as well.

    But cities like Katowice, Gdańsk or Warsaw became safer than they were in the past. Especially Warsaw, where two other major criminal groups had their bases. Ok, near Warsaw.

    Generally – except of Lublin and Łódź Voivodeship – the more you go the west, the more crimes you will see (perhaps). Conclusion is simple – west sucks :p

    According to the CBŚ report in 2012 we had exactly 772 criminal groups in Poland, but 183 were eliminated in the same year. Inspector Mariusz Sokołowski said: "In the last year CBŚ became interested about 7500 people connected with 772 criminal groups (about 1500 more than a year before). 708 of these groups were Polish, 54 international and 6 were Russian-speaking." He added that 10 of eliminated groups were international. 5700 people were accused and 96 of them were of Ukrainian, Belarusian, Lithuanian or Russian descent.

    These groups are connected mostly with money laundering, drugs, smuggling, illegal production of alcohol and with explosions.

    Below are examples of the eliminated in the past groups, I have in mind 3 now.

    GRUPA PRUSZKOWSKAPruszków group

    This is the most known Polish group described also as "mafia pruszkowska". This gang emerged in late 80s and was focused on drug dealing, assaults, muggings, and protection money. Formerly they were a simple group of bandits and criminals but in 90s they became the most powerful and influencial group in Poland. In 2000 one of their members, Jarosław "Masa" Sokołowski became turn state's evidence and had given the information about Pruszków group what led to its almost 100% elimination two years after. Now Pruszków's leaders are in prison, some are free but due to CBŚ reports they are not connected with any crimes, as far as I know.

    There was also a funny coincidence with Pruszków location. It is a neighbour city to Reguły (which in English language can be translated as "rules").


    There was a famous saying "Pruszków zaczyna się tam, gdzie kończą się Reguły" which means "Pruszków begins, where Reguły [the rules] comes to an end".

    However, about this "mafia". Members of Pruszków group were not eager to call themselves as mafia members. They say it was media who created this image and this is not truth at all. Even Jarosław "Masa" Sokołowski had told in the interview, that they were not mafia. The true mafia in Poland at those times were WSI (Wojskowe Służby Informacyjne).

    GRUPA WOŁOMIŃSKAWołomin group

    This was a second major group in "war" with Pruszków. It was from Wołomin, another city in Warsaw agglomeration. To 1992 Pruszków and Wołomin were cooperating, but then turf war. When Wołomin cared about its influence in Pomerania and western Poland, many other groups were joining Pruszków as "there was better to be with them, than against them". In March 1999 a killer assasinated members of Wołomin in one of the restaurant. And then: action-reaction. War. As one of the Pruszków leaders – Wańka – said in the interview: "if Pruszków and Wołomin would knew how to talk, there would be no such problems".

    As a result dies a brother of Wołomin leaders: Henryk "Wariat" Niewiadomski, and later "Nikoś", so-called king of Pomerania. But it was Pruszków who somehow commited seppuku, by giving an order to kill their leader – Andrzej "Pershing" Kolikowski. In 2000 CBŚ were formed, which was responsible for recruiting "Masa". It was a great success which led to arrestings of Pruszków and Wołomin leaders. "Dziad" – Wołomin boss – was arrested in 2001, but he died in 2007 in Radom's prison (brain attack, officially) after murder of his son, "Mrówa". 

    GRUPA ŁÓDZKA ("Ośmiornica")Łódź group ("Octopus")

    This group from Łódź was eliminated as first of these three above – in 1999. It emerged from already existing structures created by Ireneusz Jesionowicz alias Gruby Irek, in 1993. He was killed on Christmas – 24th December 1997. Their were responsible for assassinations, muggings and kidnappings. They were also responsible for using some "mistakes" in law on their advantage thanks to which they didn't have to pay taxes when they were producing wine.

    Nowadays we have a nice CBŚ logo, which shows an eagle attacking a black octopus. Nice symbolism. And no matter that CBŚ was formed a year after liquidation of "grupa łódzka".

    Yeah, and I've spent maybe an hour on writing this, so I can go for a smoke now.



    As all over, you remove one gang, or leader, and more come to replace them.



    Yes, it works this way. But I have not heard anymore since Pruszków "mafia" about bribing senators, or high-ranked officers. So still – it is better now :p

    But I've heard once that Pruszków group was a part of Solntsevska Bratva – however only once and I doubt it can be treated seriously :p



    Do any of these groups sit in the parliament too? :)


    Do any of these groups sit in the parliament too? :)

    These which I mentioned? There were some bribed senators who worked on the advantage of Pruszków group for instance. I don't know how it is now, but I doubt it.  ;)

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