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    Hi everyone, I'd like to share my primary mission on this forum with all of you. There's a lot of interesting stuff here but first of all I'm here with the hope that some of you nice people would help me with a few ideas on male pagan names. I've seen the existing topics and got some really cool ideas but I was looking for something specific. It should be a single word (non-composite), preferably a god-name and with a meaning that resonates strongly in the "collective slavic mind". For now my favorite is Perun, Dragorog is nice too but still a composite. Svarog also, as well as Simargl but I'm not sure about the last one since for me the etymology is not obvious. Anyone know where that comes from?



    Možeš skratiti Svetovid na Vid.Znam da ne izaziva neku herojsku viziju u umovima Slavena,ali je dobro ime imo.
    Iako s imenom "Perun" nemreš fulati.Zvuči donekle urbano,a i neće ga niko zajebavati zbog takvog imena.



    Gvarda, please use English outside the national forums.



    Will do,sorry.



    Simargl is most likely of Iranian origin, and it was only present in knyaz Vladimir's Kievan pantheon. Ivanov and Toporov's proposed *Sedmorogolvъ etymology was very far-fetched and implausible, and they have dismissed it themselves later.

    Perun, on the other hand, was used as a proper male name amongst South Slavs in the past, and there is also one possible instance of the usage of name Svarog as such – a pot with the inscription СВАРОГЪ at the bottom, found somewhere in Eastern Bulgaria; I can't remember the exact place or period, but it was well after the Christianisation, so it's thought to refer to the maker, or the owner of the pot rather than the deity.



    Hi, I just remembered to close this. We named our son Perun after a long persuasion war with my wife (he's now 6 days old). Btw I know just one guy with that name and guess what his brother is called…  …Triglav. He sure had some moments while growing up. Anyways got some funny reactions but most were positive. So, that's about it.



    Congratulations Gorazd.  :)

    I haven't met anyone bearing the name Perun, but I've met several people with its female derivation – Perunika.



    Congratulations on your baby boy,may his health never fail him.Cool name.  ;D



    Congrats, and all the best in life for the little Perun – pretty brave choise. :)



    Thanx and may you also feel the joy I've had these days (that is if you want to:). Oh, and some time before he was born I decided to get a tatoo of a kolovrat with our swastika in the middle in his honor. I haven't finished it yet, it needs a few more lines and some lettering but these days I will. Somewhere around here I've seen a thread for slavic themed tats but will get to that later. So thanx again.



    Hello again after almost 3 years. (Led a mostly offline life in the meantime:) To keep it short, I was googling for male names and came across this relatively old thread. Tried a few passwords and managed to sign in. So, in a month and a half I will need to have chosen a name that goes well with Perun. This time I’m really out of ideas and some help would be much appreciated. That’s about it for now, so if anyone happens to see this, do throw in some suggestions if you have any and have a nice day or night or whatever part of the day you may find yourself in.



    Forgot to mention, as I’m having my morning coffee a couple of helicopters keep coming and going for some time and have been doing so on and off for more than a week. Also, I heard a few shots from the distance. Could be training ammunition and exercises but those are publicly announced whenever there’s something of the sort. Maybe, hopefully, I’m just a bit too paranoid but for some reason I don’t like choppers flying over my house. 

    Sorry for this totally out of place thing but I don’t get around so well in the virtual world and felt like sharing this in case there is some development, which I’m sure there won’t be.

    but on the other hand there’s some more shooting. 

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Go for something traditional…like…Vladimir (rule + peace)



    So, we went with Vidar this time. Although a viking name (my wife seems to be one just in a very wrong time and place) it also has a meaning in most slavic languages – a healer. And Vidar being the son of Odin, is in a way the brother of Perun. It does resemble a name that used to be rather common here – Vidan.




    Was Gaydar taken?

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