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    [size=14pt]Putin's United Russia party suffers poll setback[/size]

    Early returns from Russia's parliamentary polls point to a sharp drop
    in support for Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's United Russia party.

    With 75% of ballots counted, the Central Election Commission said United Russia
    had 50% of the vote, down from 64% in 2007.

    The vote is being seen as a popularity test of Mr Putin, who is running for the presidency in March.

    Opposition parties have complained of violations of election laws.

    Russia's only independent monitoring group, Golos, says it has logged
    5,300 complaints alleging violations of election laws.

    'Violations and fraud'

    If the result is confirmed, United Russia could lose its current two-thirds majority
    which allowed it to change the constitution unchallenged.

    Nonetheless, party chairman Boris Gryzlov says the party hopes to get a majority in the Duma.

    The election commission said the Communist Party was in second place with 19.3% of the vote.

    A Just Russia was in third place with 13% and the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR)
    had 11.8%, the election commission said.

    "We have received thousands of calls from regional offices, confirming massive
    violations and fraud," said Communist Party deputy head Ivan Melnikov on the party website.

    "Throughout the day, it was like receiving reports from a war zone."

    The BBC's Steve Rosenberg, in Moscow, says if confirmed, the result will be a significant embarrassment
    to Mr Putin, three months before he is scheduled to run again for the Russian presidency.

    He says opposition parties are alleging widespread fraud, including the stuffing of ballot boxes and
    voters being offered money.

    Mr Putin served as president from 2000 to 2008 but was prohibited by the constitution from
    running for a third consecutive term.

    Golos, whose monitors are not affiliated with any party, said its website suffered a cyber-attack.
    Ekho Moskvy, a liberal radio station, said its website had also been attacked.

    Golos – which means "voice" or "vote" – is funded largely by the US and EU.

    Prime Minister Putin has accused foreign powers of meddling in election preparations, while Duma
    members have questioned why a foreign-funded organisation is allowed to monitor Russian elections.

    Moscow police said more than 100 people were arrested at an opposition demonstration in the city centre on Sunday.

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-16024938



    All it may take is 49.9% to lose.  According to Twitter, a lot of news sites have reported the count so far was as high as 49.4% and as low as 42% – this may change with the final count.

    The problem here is the Russia has a plurality system, a threshold and the opposition parties may be willing to enter a coalition against Putin. 



    If anyone is reading at this hour.  I believe this website is uploading photos of the live count.


    90.25% of the vote counted and 49.85% for United Russia.



    instead of like last year when people ignored elections now most people went to elections to vote, most of them against United Russia
    more independent or opositional observers who stoped violations when voting – like throwing false bulletines



    It will make Putin try harder.



    Great day for democracy in Russia. It's really tragic to see communist dinosaurs like Putin and Lukashenka still in power in Slavic countries when everything to do with communism should have been cleansed in 90's. Russia was blessed with alcoholic degenerate Yeltsin who did nothing for Russia for short or long term. At least Putin has idea how to run country, but his communist ideology roots in terms of holding power are really tragic to see.



    Wilkolak, not sure if you stupid or troll.
    Putin is not communist, we have KPRF comunist paty
    And you don't know nothing about what Lukashenko did in Belarus. At least they have no corruption and no oligarh.


    Wilkolak, not sure if you stupid or troll.

    People assume ex-KGB translates to Communist.

    Putin is not communist, we have KPRF comunist paty

    I'm not sure how accurate Wikipedia is but Putin and United Russia's platform screams Neoconservative to me.  Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin Communism wasn't good but there was technically a Soviet Union after Stalin's death.

    I'm not convinced the Communists would even return to the Brezhnev or Andropov era, people know it sucked and they wouldn't repeat it again, but the Communists would probably crack down on corruption, fight speculation and diversify the economy.

    And you don't know nothing about what Lukashenko did in Belarus. At least they have no corruption and no oligarh.

    Russia without the oil and high oil prices would be identical to Ukraine. 

    I agree, Lukashenko has done a good job.  Also, Lukashenko's success is in despite of sanctions from the west.  Imagine if Belarus was not forcibly isolated by the West?  Maybe it would have a per capita higher than Estonia?

    Trust me here – there's a reason why the media attacks Lukashenko and calls him the "last dictator of Europe" and other things, it's because Belarus' alternative of 'Social Market' has been a success!  Husarz talks of old NS economics but Lukashenko's system has been around longer and appears to working.

    Western Europe wants Slavic people to be poor and indebted to financiers in London and Paris!  What a joke!  The Medieval States of Novgorod, Polotosk (Belarus), Pskow were wealthy; whereas, London was a backwater in the 1400s.

    BTW, I've seen the pictures of blogs from Belarus and most of the dissenters against Lukashenko are middle-upper and upper class youth.  Why?  Because their parents have the most to gain if Belarus' government was privatized like the former Soviet Union.  If Lukashenko was toppled, there would be a class of Oligarchs formed overnight and the living standard of Belarus would decline to the level of Ukraine.

    [img width=700 height=456]http://cryptome.org/info/belarus-protest/pict62.jpg”/>
    Стоп-бензін-2 / Minsk Car Protests

    What a country, people protesting and honking horns on +$30,000 automobiles…  and tweeting from their Iphones…    ;D  :P  If this is Communism then I want to move there and enjoy the benefits of a workers' paradise.  ;D


    Husarz talks of old NS economics but Lukashenko's system has been around longer and appears to working.

    Lukashenko is an admirer of Hitler's organizational abilities. He even appears in uniform at certain state functions. The populist republic of Old Slavdom was basically revived in Germany under NS. My main problem with Lukashenko is his obvious USSR-philia and sucking up to Moscow. He has been in power long enough to be obviously doing something right, but he should ditch the Red Star and Commiephilia and uncover the authentic Slavic image of Belarus.


    Wilkolak, not sure if you stupid or troll.
    Putin is not communist, we have KPRF comunist paty

    Being a neoconservative doesn't make Putin any better as if he was communist.

    And you don't know nothing about what Lukashenko did in Belarus. At least they have no corruption and no oligarh.

    Real Belarusians hate Lukashenko, for good reason. He was the only one to vote against Belarusian independence when the Soviet Union broke up, he denies Soviet crimes against Belarusian population etc. Some of his policies may work but that doesn't make him any good.


    Wilkolak, not sure if you stupid or troll.

    I beg your pardon?

    Putin is not communist, we have KPRF comunist paty

    Ex-KGB = Crypto-communist = Communist with different mask.

    First example of communist ideology roots in Putin and Lukashenka can be seen in porposed flag of "Union State of Russia and Belarus":




    And you don't know nothing about what Lukashenko did in Belarus. At least they have no corruption and no oligarh.

    I don't? I can tell by high number of Belarussian immigrants in Poland doing same sort of menial work as we do in Western Europe.
    Also, it is hard to tell what he does in Belarus, since most foreign journalists are usually jailed, so yeah, I might not really know.

    And no corruption? Belarus is ranked 143rd in Corruption Perceptions Index.



    All Eastern Slavic states are ruled by corrupt crypto-commie scum, and sad thing is that because elections are forever rigged by authorities, average people then suffer for this. Russian economy is at least large, so many Russians live good lifestyle nowadays, but sadly, Belarus and Ukraine do not have it easy, and amount of Ukrainian and Belarussian immigrants in Russia and Poland speaks for itself.

    This is not to say Russia or Poland are paradise on earth (far from this, especially many parts of Russia where people really still live by 19th/20th century standards.



    When I was travelling in the Ukraine in the summer I met a mother and her son from Beloruss. We discussed how terrible and corrupt is Ukraine. So sad. But she told me to come to Beloruss, it's much better there. She was a good common person with her son going on vacation to Krim.

    A few days later we met a woman and her child travelling from Samara Russia. They too told me that Russia was much better and decent place than Ukraine. I believe these people because they have no reason to lie. They were regular common people who judged things by how they really were for the average working people.

    Ukraine needs  to give it's western Catholic part to Poland. It would be better for both sides then. If you keep a country with two different peoples you can contole them. At this present time it's enemies are laughing and destroying it. It is because there are two distinct cultural societies there.



    WOW… you are claiming Ukraine is multi-culti and must thus willingly fracture its territorial integrity?

    Well, by that logic, all lands with Muslims in Russia should go to Kazakhstan, a predominantly Muslim nation. Ossetia should form it's own nation with ties to the Caucus nations. And large chunks of Siberia should go to to become a protectorate of China and/or Mongolia.

    Seriously man… stop preaching division among Slavs. Especially Poles and Ukrainians who must do all they can to stand together in this point in history.



    Get real! Orthodox and Catholic cultures have never stood together. They are two separate cultures. I dare you to go to Donetsk or Kharkov and begin saying that. IT would't be pleasant to say that outloud in a tram.



    Yes…  because Poles feel a solidarity with Catholic Flippinos and Russians with Orthodoxs in Greece, Georgia, Ethiopia and with Orthodox Tatars…  ::)  ::)  ::)

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