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    Hello brothers and sisters,
    I am wanting some help regarding nobility and how the 'sharing' of a coat of arms works.

    My family partly descends from a number of Royal and Noble European houses.  I have noticed that some of our family crests are also used by up to 100 other families or more (depending on which family crest) how does that work? do all the families who use the same family crest descend from the same people?

    please only serious answers as this is a genuine question.




    In Poland the same coats of arms were worn by many different families, often unrelated (or rather, with untraceable relations with other). AFAIK it's because the ancient Polish coat of arms rather belonged to a clan than a family (and clan may consist of unrelated people) – and the clan's coat of arms predated the surnames adoption.



    Thank you for the information.

    Is this true for noble families of other European origins who moved into Poland and who established a ''polish branch'' of the family ?




    I am not sure, if foreign nobles (that settled in Poland) were given noble status in Poland by default. If not, they would have to be adopted in some Polish noble family (or being appointed a noble by a parliament – but that would be rare) – and that may mean taking the adopter's coat of arms. If they were given the noble status by default, they would rather retain their coat of arms. I am not completely sure in this matter.



    Thank you for your views and honesty.
    One of our ancestors (Of whom I am trying to learn more about) moved from another European country (Id rather not say which) and married into a big Polish clan.
    From his offspring with this lady their descendants coat of arms was a variation of his original families coat of arms with some small add on's.
    That is how the Polish branch began.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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