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    Formula One teams take a huge risk when they let one of their star drivers contest other forms of motorsport during the offseason. Never mind questions of focus: crashes happen all the time in every motorsport discipline, and one false step can have disastrous consequences for both driver and team.

    Renault, however, has long permitted Robert Kubica to have his run at rallying on the side. Not unlike Kimi Raikkonen, Kubica has been proving himself a competent rally driver, but his skills didn't prevent him from suffering a high-speed crash today at the Ronde di Andora rally. This was the first time Kubica – fresh from topping the time sheets in the third F1 test session at Valencia – was driving a top-spec Super 2000 rally car, in this case a Skoda Fabia, which he crashed during the opening stage.

    The Polish driver was airlifted to a local hospital, and though sources confirm that he remained conscious throughout, reports of multiple broken bones are circulating. This close to the opening of the 2011 F1 campaign, observers can't help but wonder what will happen if Kubica isn't well enough to start the season. Fortunately for the team, they've lined up a full roster of reserve drivers, including Bruno Senna, who is tipped as the top among them.

    Of course we wish Kubica – who bounced back well from his spectacular crash at the 2007 Canadian Grand Prix – a full and (characteristically) speedy recovery, and hope to see him back at the wheel in full health in short order. Follow the jump for the brief statement from Renault, and watch this space for more.

    UPDATE: Lotus Renault GP reports that Kubica is undergoing surgery for multiple fractures to his right hand, arm and leg. Updated statement posted after the jump.


    It is really sad… I hope that, he will heal.



    Good thing he didn't end up like Senna did. Extremely risky sport this is (but also VERY well paying ;)).



    The surgeons saved him both hands. But it will take at least a year because of rehabilitation and unfortunately we do not know if he can return to driving in F1.



    This is why I mentioned money issue. I am sure he has more than enough to take nice relaxing break from racing.



    Here is article on his condition now:

    Poland's Kubica in stable condition

    7th February 2011
    The F1 driver's surgeons are now more optimistic about his hand after horrific rally accident


    Polish Formula One driver Robert Kubica is in a serious but stable condition after undergoing emergency surgery on Sunday night.

    Mr Kubica, who drives for Renault, sustained several horrific injuries when the rally car he was driving at the Ronde di Andora track in Italy crashed into a church wall on Sunday. He suffered multiple fractures to his right leg and arm before being airlifted to Santa Corona hospital where he was put into an induced coma and underwent over seven hours of surgery.

    On Sunday night it was feared that the F1 driver might need to have his hand amputated, so serious were his injuries. But after the emergency surgery had been completed his surgeon was more optimistic that the hand could be saved.

    “The hand is warm and this means the operation went well,” surgeon Mario Igor Rossello was reported as saying by The Telegraph.co.uk.

    “We need a few more days to understand the full extent of the injury, but he should recuperate fairly quickly and have full use of his hand within a year.”

    If this diagnosis is confirmed, Mr Kubica could be ruled out of this year's F1 campaign, which is due to start next month. Indeed, his bosses at Renault are already starting to imagine a season without their Polish driver.

    “We are already starting to think and work on a contingency plan,” Renault team leader Eric Boullier told Italian news agency Ansa, as reported by the BBC.

    “We don't know yet, we are actually waiting to know how long it will take because [if it is] a short-term replacement we will take one of our reserve drivers; if he has to be longer we may have to consider different options.”




    Too bad because he could certainly do more this year and next even better. Because of the accident I think that his performance will suffer. However, it is a good news.



    He should go to Carpathians, drink a lot of milk (sheep milk) and eat a lot of cheese (sheep cheese or bryndza, which has some healing effects). That recovers bones very quickly. And not only bones.
    Accomodating in some little pension near a salash should not be problem :D


    He should go to Carpathians, drink a lot of milk (sheep milk) and eat a lot of cheese (sheep cheese or bryndza, which has some healing effects). That recovers bones very quickly. And not only bones.
    Accomodating in some little pension near a salash should not be problem :D

    He is rich enough to retire. ;) No need even to recover.



    I'm sure he doesn't do it only for money, he must love that sport eh  ;).



    Well, I really feel bad for him.  :-



    We all do…

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