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    We have many. One of them is the fig sign to deny a request. What are common your cultures?

    The fig gesture.





    @GaiusCoriolanus That’s not a ‘rude’ gesture. :) That was propagandistic poster from Soviet era.  This is people’s rude gesture in eastern Slavia meaning ‘fuck you’.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Middle finger is universal i guess :D 



    @Perun Middle finger is a recent thing in our countries. The elbow was common for a long time. The middle finger is a little ‘thing’. Ukrainian Nadia Savchenko combined both elbow and middle finger when she was in Russian court.



    @Sviatogor, refusing vodka is rude hence this gesture is rude. :)



    Božo Petrov is declining a drink :D

    I’ve read somewhere that the fig gesture is considered extremely rude by the Turks,I think it might have something with circumcision.



    Here we sometimes use the Italian “marameo”, which can have a couple of meanings and can be considered rude in some cases. 

    I also found this picture of Stalin doing a similar gesture. Is it used in Russia and the surrounding countries too?



    That’s Stalin being rude to the cameraman, he probably ordered him to get shot later :D 



    @Kat Haha, I also love the idea of Stalin pointing at people he wants shot with that gesture.  :D



    refusing perfectly good heroin just because of guys dirty hands. in my country that is rude



    @Perun that is kind a americana but in the 80. in jugoslavija we had something similar but not quite the same. i dont have the picture so ill try to describe position of our middle finger. imagine your palm completely open. now you only lifting your middle finger point it in direction of subject that you want to insult and shake it a bit, if you prefer, but its not necessary 



    When you make that jesture with the elbow you’re supposed to shake your fist and shout “Naaaaaaah!”.
    Another good one, which is a variation of the middle finger is you raise your hand, palm to the front with your fingers extended except for your middle finger which points forward and then wave your hand back and forth shouting something appropriate (“Naaaaah” is fine again).



    This is not a rude gesture.

    Head nodding is gesture for ‘yes’  in most cultures but not in Bulgarian. In Bulgaria this gesture means ‘no’

    Head shaking (from left to right) means ‘no’ in most culture. In Bulgarian culture it means a ‘yes’. It’s kind of weird to see a Bulgarian shaking his head from another side to another to mean ‘yes’. smile 



    There are no clear cut rules. It might mean no too.

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