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    Among Slavs most swearing people I met were Serbs from BIH.  They said they were from “Kraina”.  Shall we discuss swearing words in Slavic languages? :)

    @Perun should let us discussing swearing words on his forum for the sake of knowledge. :)



    I have a word document of Belarusian swearing words. Belarusians and Russians are eastern Slavs, yet we have different swearing phrases. Belarusians are quite inventive in swearing. Russians are not bad at swearing either. Ukrainians and Poles can swear too.



    A very interesting topic indeed. I think you will find that ALL Slavs are very proficient at swearing. I am from Croatia and my favourite one is a mixup of a couple of different ones into a single one: Jebo ti Isus krvavi raspeti i Marija mater. (Bloody and crucified Jesus and Mary fucked your mother)
    *note, I don’t think this is a commonly used one since it kinda came to exist when I hit my toe and it just kinda came out.

    All I can say that in Croatia, out favourite topics are dogs, mothers, God, Jesus, penis and vagina in all kinds of variations and combinations.



    Also, I hope there aren’t many only-English speaking people here since translating certain swear phrases will be difficult because most of them are just exclamations and verbless sentences. For example, “a u pičku materinu” or “u kurac” directly means: “Ah, in mother’s vagina”, “In (a) dick” which just doesn’t even make sense when put in English.




    > Jebo ti Isus krvavi raspeti i Marija mater

    I am Belarusian. I can understand this sentence. You are a girl and I can’t write swearing phrases to you. I can’t .



    Here in Belarus upper class people can swear beautifully.  My grandmother punished me when I swore hearing other boys.




    Since I started this topic…

    > “a u pičku materinu”

    U pizde mamy — so rude. We will never mention sexual organs of our Mums. Unacceptable to say anything rude about our Mums.

    But ‘pizda’ (cunt – female sexual orgian) is a common swearing word.



    I agree that the Serbs are probably the world champions in this area. I remember reading a Cracked article several years ago and was honestly surprised that the Serbian swearing example finished second (after the Romanians, out of all people; and mind you, the Bulgarian example was from the North-West, where the Serbian influence is the strongest).



    I don’t swear but I will mention these words here.

    In Belarusian, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish languages with some variations. In Belarusian

    Jebat́ (ебать) – to fuck.
    Huj ( Хуй) – dick (male sexual organ)
    Pizda (Пизда)- cunt (female sexual organ).



    @Sviatogor Well, we had a seminar regarding specifics of language used in swear words, and it always contains something that is a sensitive topic at the time, as you said, mothers have always been important, dogs and other animals in combination with “fuck” reminds us of bestiality, religious figures are self explanatory, and sexual organs are here since sex is and has always been a taboo topic in our society.

    I will list some other Croatian swear words/phrases.

    Jebo ti pas mater – a dog fucked your mother
    Jebo ti Bog mater – God fucked your mother
    Jebo ti Isus mater – Jesus fucked your mother
    Goni se u kurac (krasni)* not obligatory – Go to a dick
    Goni se u pičku materinu – Go to your mom’s vagina
    Nabijem te na kurac – I will stick you onto my dick
    Koji kurac – used as WTF, and also when there is a sentence/verb afterwards (Koji kurac si to napravio?) it means “Why the fuck did you do that?”
    Jebote – Fuck you, but not used in the same context as the English use fuck you
    Jebi se – Fuck yourself
    Jebiga – Fuck him, but used more like “ehh, fuck it”

    I will add more if I think of some.

    *note: I do swear, but usually only when extremely mad. The “Jebote, jebi se and jebiga” aren’t considered very serious curses and most of the people here use it on a daily basis.




    Thanks for the phrases. I can understand them. In Belarus we  don’t use swearing words about our mothers.  A typical Belarusian phrase would be “каб цябе ў чыстым полі прышчыкнуўшы» – So you get pinched in an open field.

    But we also have a swearing phrase about Mum “fuck your Mum” (“eb tvoyu mat’) for example. Probably a single swearing phrase about our Mums. It’s so unacceptable to us. Belarusian men will fight if something rude is mentioned about their mothers.

    We  all love our Mums around the world.  Mothers and children relations  are special in Belarus .  Swearing referencing sexual organs of  Mums is non existent in our culture.

    In writing this, I grew up in a traditional family. I remember seeing my older sister naked – her tits and pubic hair when I was 6 and she was 13.  She washed me in bath.



    “ebago dagoeba” – it’s an exclamation of amazement, like “gee whiz, that’s quite extraordinary” Frequently followed by “tsk tsk tsk”.
    “baliga dagoeba” – I am thoroughly perplexed, sir/madam.




    ‘eba’ might be a common Slavic word.



    The most amusing I’ve heard was “Jebem ti supu od Isusovih kostiju”-“I’m fucking your soup made of Jesus’ bones” (said by a Serb from former RSK), looks to weird in English. Interesting ones for me are “Jebem ti sve po spisku”-“I’m fucking everybody on your list” (meaning everybody related to you) or “Jebem ti sve žensko”-“I’m fucking everybody female of yours”. I’m trying to reduce swearing to a bare minimum, but I mostly use “jebiga”-fuck/ fuck it (literally means fuck him-jebi ga), “jebote”-fuck (literally fucked you-jeb’o te) “koji kurac…”-What/Why the fuck (literally which dick/for which dick), just “kurac”-dick as a negation and regular “Jebem ti _____!”-Fuck your [feel the blank]. All those mentions of mothers are pretty common. Although I like to make them nice, like “opštim ti s majkom” or “jebem ti ženskog roditelja”


    Jebem ti boga, dushu i srdce is a good one.

    @Sviatogor an astute observation, my friend.

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