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    The political network “Ruthenian Legacy” proposes the creation of national social structures in the same way that one would create a civilization within a “game”(with an economic, military and other wings of government which all play their role in propelling society and civilization forward etc.), for the restoration of a worthy national organism.

    Rus. Self-realization.

    Every nation seeks realization of itself in the world. For the self-realization of a nation to be achieved it is necessary for it to have it's own state. In the year 1991 Ruthenians received a state under the name “Ukraine”, however as it turns out our people actually do not have a state.
    The reasons for this:
    1. The refusal of democrats in 1991 to the restoration of Ukrainian statehood. Refusal to restore the rightful successor state, the Ukrainian National Republic (UNR), which was occupied by the Red Army in the early 20th century. The UNR had a revival in 1941 only to be occupied by enemy forces once again. The state that we currently live in, is the successor and follower of the traditions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (Ukrainian SSR). Hence all the legal consequences: lack of lustration, the dereliction of punishing criminals of the Communist Party of Ukraine(CPU) for their crime against the Ruthenian people, the rise of the oligarchy thanks to the merging of the criminality with figures who were brought up and indoctrinated in communist schools, arbitrariness of law enforcement, in short… corruption.
    2. Absence of a healthy national organism. We have to admit, that over the past centuries our enemies have purposefully socially engineered and wiped out the best of the Ruthenian people, leaving behind a negative selected breed. The population living in modern day Ukraine, cannot be called a nation. A nation is a complex structured living organism which cannot be structured and formed by chaotic action. For the creation of a vital national organism it is necessary to invest in a purposeful plan with a definite goal.
    For this agenda to be successful we must address two important issues:
    a)creation of a national organism;
    b)the creation of a national state.

      These objectives and the necessity to bring them to fruition are realized by most representatives of the right-wing. What differs is the approach of this problem and the methods that are used.
    The vast majority of right-wing representatives address these issues by taking the path of the electoral system of democracy. The political network “Ruthenian Legacy” basing off the doctrine of ethnocracy and opposing democratic totalitarianism, considers that the electoral system is a futile path to take for the Ruthenian people. The last 20 years of political struggle has shown us that this path leads our people nowhere. Life from election to election just stretches our strength and potential, just so that we can hopelessly struggle in this political system and keep voting without results. Democratic totalitarianism provides criminals a position of power and in any case and allows their return to government.
    There is a alternative variant of a national revolution. A good variant. There comes a time when the people cannot tolerate the tyranny of those in power. This is where a very important question arises, what will replace this system the day after that? What will we replace the system that we inherited from the Ukrainian SSR with? Not one political force gives a clear answer to this question.
    We need to realize that instead of the collapsed criminal system, we must propose a system of our own, a proven system of political and social organization of the nation.

    The right-wing parties for already 20 years have been trying to take power by delegating their representatives in government. All attempts to change the government from the inside have been futile. A system can only be overcome and defeated by using ones own system in opposition. It is pernicious for the Ruthenian people to hope for progress in the parliamentary and presidential elections. This system along with its methods have already been tested with no results.
    An argument in favor of the idea of delegating our people into the enemies system is often heard, the argument that our people lack experience in governance and that in the enemies system they will have a chance to learn the art of governance and then will be able to birth a nation. This is a pernicious and flawed argument. In their system our people become nothing but tools of the enemy. They learn the methods of governance from the perspective of a criminal. Corruption becomes a habit for them, as well as the impunity of high-ranking officials The system forces people into it's standards, and if a person resists this standard the system expels them. Very often our people are forced to make a compromise in regard to their conscience, in hope of staying within the enemy system in order to have the ability to solve problems and make decisions to benefit their own. To clarify:
    “ Better it is that I be in this position than a Communist or a member of the Party of Regions, even if I am forced to act untruthfully”.
    We cannot allow our people to become part of the enemies governmental organizations and behave so unworthily, for this kind of behavior will always take away ones right to speak to the people, to the nation. This act blemishes a persons reputation forever.

      The political network “Ruthenian Legacy” proposes an alternative path.

      Our people can learn the art of leadership by creating our own national social system from the basis, the very foundation. This is a more suitable and valuable practice than to enter into an already finished system. When one knows how to create, they are not afraid to lose what they have worked on and start over. Everything that is destroyed can be created anew. One of the main tasks is to grow a national elite-creators.

    We propose to disconnect and oppose the result-less political struggle within the modern state. Hierarchical types of social governance and control have outlived themselves, as well as the modern states of today. Governance and power is not something taken or given, it is something that is created. In order for us to survive and thrive we need to create the world anew. In the modern world the most successful and effective form of cooperation are “networks”.  The modern world can be considered as composed of networks. If the conditions that we face today do not allow us to change the global politics of hierarchical states of today in regards to the White Race, then we can create structures and even states based off the design of a network. These states and “structures” will be composed of white folk of our “tenor” so to say. These structured networks will engulf the obsolete forms of hierarchical states. Our network states will oppose hierarchical states. Networks are effective at combating hierarchical states, as well as other networks, in example corporations or networks of the muslim world. It is networks that will aid us in returning to the traditions of our ancestors, because networks can easily establish links between people and regulate human relationships through basic and “common sense” rules and regulations. Fewer laws make for a better state.
    Networks are designed to extract the national human “resource” from states with democratic totalitarianism, this is important because people are the basic element that forms government.

      Thus, we begin. It is clear now that for Ruthenians (Ukrainians) the “modern” state is a enemy state, but not just for Ruthenians, but for all Nations of the White Race. We must learn to create our own forms of political societies.
    There are two conditions that are needed to be taken into account for the ideas of the white race to dominate:
    a)the ability to create the best, most effective social-economic systems;
    b)to be armed with advanced revolutionary technology.

    a) The creation of the system has nothing to do with a “mechanical” union of like minded individuals that go to demonstrations on the streets, at town centers, picketing etc.. System – is the establishment of strong economic and social ties between people on the basis of a shared vision, shared ideas, motivated to work towards common goals. Within the system a hierarchy is formed according to ones talents, vocation, and tenacity. The system creates a national organism, and most importantly it forms an elite of the national organism. The success of the nation in the world depends on the availability and quality of the elite. Entry into the nation is voluntary. With this decision the person takes upon themselves certain duties and obligations and therefore the weight of their voting rights equal to the amount of liabilities and obligations taken upon themselves. Therefore, we deny equality. People are unequal in talent, however all are equally important in society.

      An example of the formation of our world can be taken from the game “Civilization”. The formation of an idea takes place and goals are made.
      We motivate people to work in the system through means of propaganda.
    Integrate them into the formation of the economy.  They will have their own business, and economic networks. This will ensure that people work within our systems, and secondly it will invest in and provide them with,education, social projects, science, technology and security services. Their own courts, credit unions, private pension and social security funds etc. In this way one can concentrate on the economic leverage as well as the political influence and most importantly learn to create governmental systems. One can learn to create political and economic management without having to enter into the the enemy system of democratic totalitarianism. Thus in this way we will have a new cohort of  a global elite which will not be crippled with “tolerance” and moral degradation;

    b)Technologies offer practical opportunities of self-realization for a nation in the world. Without modern technologies a nation cannot expect to have a dynamic development of its economy or expect to have any kind of political leadership or power in the world. Mankind stands at the brink of a scientific and technological revolution, which is tied in with nanotechnology, transhumanism and genetic engineering. If our nation does not discover and master the use of higher technologies, it will become uncompetitive in the world and we will be doomed to the fate of only being a resource for foreign empires to exploit. Therefore, one of the most important tasks is to support national science with national resources.

    The safety of the nation and the safety of the state are different things. It would be ideal to have the state synchronized with the nation; however, currently the state acts as a hostile system against our people. It provides the criminals in power resources and defends its right to rob the people with “law enforcement”. Given the fact that the situation in the world is changing rapidly, the main issue is the salvation and security of our people. It is therefore necessary to separate the criminal “modern” state from the people, to establish a national body and fully functioning social structure. When the conditions are right and there will be a national blowout or revolution, our nation will already have a functioning social structure that will form the basis of the nation. This will allow Kyiv to quickly become a political and economic global leader to build a new world order based on the principles of ethnocracy, freedom for nations and mankind.
    Kyiv is a place of ideas, the source of the Aryan world, the concentrated center of the power and glory of our ancestors. Kyiv is the center of Rus and the hope for the white world.
    The undefeated spirit of the White Race will aid us in creating the world anew.

    "Ruthenian Legacy"




    Well, unlike your first article on this issue, this post is much more reasonable and objective, the only difference is that the modern state called Ukraine was geographically created by Red Army and communists.

    Thanks for sharing.



    The Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1919–1991) came after the Ukrainian People’s Republic(1917–1921), the latter not being the creation of the Communists.





    Nah you misunderstand me, I mean the territory, because such a succession is possible only in central regions of Ukraine:

    Also imho there is a contradiction with Ukrainian People’s Republic, because “Ukrainian National Republic or Ukraine is a former country predecessor of modern Ukraine that was declared at first as a part of the Russian Republic after the Russian Revolution”.


    Nah you misunderstand me, I mean the territory, because such a succession is possible only in central regions of Ukraine:

    Also imho there is a contradiction with Ukrainian People’s Republic, because “Ukrainian National Republic or Ukraine is a former country predecessor of modern Ukraine that was declared at first as a part of the Russian Republic after the Russian Revolution”.

    Ukraine according to ethnic borders proposed by Ukrainian delegation on Paris Peace Conference, 1919.


    I really don’t care about arguing about the geographical borders of the past. For all I care Ruthenian land is where our blood was spilled, and whatever we can take for ourselves. We believe in the unity of the Ruthenian people (this includes the Ruthenians that reside in the Russian Federation & Belarus who are loyal to Kyiv) under the leadership of Kyiv. We are against any form of imperialism or democratic totalitarianism. I think that pretty much paints a clear picture as to what Nation States we oppose.



    There are no such people.  ;D ie Ukrainians living in Russia “loyal to Kiyiv”.



    I beg to differ.

    Суверенная Республика Домодедово. Что это было?)))


    Not taking into considerations all of the Russians I know that are loyal to Kyiv and against Moscow. Then you need to also take into account that many people living in the Russian federation have Ukrainian roots as they were forced to migrate. Also keep in mind when we say “Ruthenian” this does not mean solely Ukrainians, but all people with ethnic roots tied to Rus.



    You are exagerating. There are millions of Ukrainian gastarbeiters happy with living in Russia. Or we should speak about how people on Crimea or in Donetsk feel? They are real separatist, not youtube groups not able to fill pub. Making unrelaistic territorial claims, besides being stupid, is not really productive in this forum. But if you really believe there are "millions" of native Ukrianians who dream to join Ukraine, well you are free to believe so, but it is SF.



    Yeah because the opinions of a bunch of “совки” are oh so important. Their opinion matters just as much as yours does.



    So opinion of few random drunkards is more relevant of few million of Crimeans.  ::) Like I said, if you want to heat conflicts in Russia, just remember, that there is thousand times more Russian seapratists in Ukraine. (not just sovkos, but reall Russians). Also, Ukrainian nationalism, have hard times to establish itself outside of Galicia, and now you are trying to export it in Russia. ;D



    Your petty attempts at trying to insult me and my nation just shows your level of maturity. Why don’t you go troll some Albanians instead?



    Hm, where did I insulted your nation? You are only one insulting other nations arround. And that what loyality to Kiev? Prime Minister of Ukraine is Estonian/Russian, and president do not speak Ukrainian properly. I am not insulting your people, and hav no bad feelings towards it, but you are acting hilariously now, if you want to be imperialist, first go and set order in Ukraine, oh, first you must to come back there from your US home. 



    Sorry buddy but I really can’t be bothered to reply to your questions, as I am not here to educate and explain myself or my views to you. If we shared a common “egregore” I probably would, however the vibe I get from you just tells me that there is no point in further discussion with you.



    Sorry, buddy, but entire your post is in domain of science fiction. I dont need education, I am pretty sure I have pretty board one, and even if I would I would not take from american war veteran, no offense man.



    Your grammar speaks well of your “education”, no offense.

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