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    Is this possible?

    Mongolia to become a part of Russia

    The sensational statement was made by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Starting from 2014, Mongolia will join the Russian Federation as an autonomous republic.

    This was preceded by removal of the visa regime, as well as the close Russian-Mongolian economic ties (Mongolia receives 95% of its oil imports from Russia). A preliminary agreement was signed by Presidents Dmitry Medvedev and Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj on April 12, 2012 in Ulaanbaatar, but only yesterday was it approved by the Russian Federation, Federation Council and then President Vladimir Putin.

    “For Russia, of course, will benefit from such association – Lavrov commented on the decision. – Despite the fact that during the Soviet period, Mongolia was subsidised by the Soviet Union. The region and the situation have changed today. According to the agency “Xinhua” GDP growth for 2011 was 17.3%, which makes it an absolute economic world leader. For comparison – in China’s GDP growth for 2011 was only 9.8%, in Russia – 4.3%. In addition, Mongolia joined the World Trade Organisation in 1997. An added plus is a specially designed program for migration policy between Russia and Mongolia. All those who are now called “guest workers” will be able to work here freely. Thus, we get rid of the increasingly momentum of international conflicts. Yes, and the demographic situation in Mongolia will improve. Now on its entire territory resides 2.755 million people. The density of population – 1.8 people per square kilometre, is eight times lower than in Russia. Well, where is the good? By the way, there will also be deported accustomed to the nomadic life of gypsies. ”

    Recall, Mongolia traditionally exported to Russia, molybdenum, wheat, potato and goat during the Soviet Union days and will start to do so again.

    The national language of the Mongolian region will remain Mongolian (it uses the Cyrillic writing), and in return all schools will teach the Russian language as a compulsory subject.

    Also in Mongolia will be able to celebrate a new holiday – the day of accession of Russia. It will first be held in May 2014 as that would be the transition date of Mongolia to the Russian federation. for this celebration to be held in the central square of Ulan Bator, preparations have already begun to build a pavilion that will accommodate 10,000 spectators.

    And the Mongolian Ministry of Education has proposed a program to promote Mongolian culture in Russia. It will include a stay in a yurt, making koumiss and learn Mongolian writing as well as Mongol bichig, an ancient monument which is the Chinggis stone.

    Here’s what he said on this occasion the chairman of the State Great Hural of Mongolia Damdiny Demberel: “Our people have to stick back in those days, which in Russia is called the Mongol-Tatar yoke. In fact, it was not the yoke, but a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two great cultures, which was subsequently terminated artificially. Now we have the opportunity to restore this relationship. The phrase that the Russian and the Mongols – the brothers, not a nice turn, but a fact. In our veins flows the same blood.

    We are one blood. Old resentments are forgotten for a long time, we’ll be together again. And this is the right decision. “


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