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    [size=14pt]Russia in Europe missile threat[/size]

    Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has warned that missiles could be deployed on the
    EU's borders if the US pursues its missile defence plans.

    In a televised statement, he said "modern weapons systems" could be deployed in Kaliningrad
    if Russia, the US and Nato failed to come to a deal.

    He added that Moscow may opt out of the New Start arms deal agreed with the US.

    Nato chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen said he was "very disappointed" by Mr Medvedev's response.

    Washington wants an anti-missile shield ready by 2020 but Moscow considers the idea a
    threat to its nuclear forces.

    The US says the shield is intended to provide protection from the potential missile threat posed
    by countries like Iran.

    Washington had originally intended to locate major parts of its missile defence shield in Poland and
    the Czech Republic under Bush-era plans.

    But Russia had objected vigorously, and when President Obama took office he scaled-back these ambitions.

    However, Moscow has yet to be satisfied that the revised plans do not pose a threat to its interests.

    Writing on Twitter, Mr Rasmussen said: "The suggestion that deployment of missiles in the areas
    neighbouring the alliance is an appropriate response … is very disappointing.

    "Nato's missile defence system [is] designed to defend against threats from outside Europe.
    Not designed to alter balance of deterrence."

    [size=12pt]'Symbolic' move[/size]
    President Medvedev's warning follows an announcement by the United States on Tuesday
    that it would stop sharing information with Russia on non-nuclear military forces in Europe.

    The information was being provided to Moscow under the CFE (Conventional forces in Europe) treaty.

    Russia suspended its observance of the treaty in 2007, but Washington had continued to provide
    the data while negotiations on missile defence continued.

    Analysts say the US move is largely symbolic, although the US state department said it was
    aimed at bringing Russia back to the table at negotiations.

    Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed the New Start nuclear arms treaty – to reduce their nuclear arsenals –
    in April 2010 and it was ratified by the US Senate last December.

    The agreement was described by Mr Obama as the most significant in nearly two decades, so if Russia
    followed through on its threat to opt out it would be a big blow to relations.

    Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-15857431

    Ugh… Slavic division. Our governments go with it and the West eggs them on. This is annoying.



    There are more efficient and dangerous weapons now. Easier to use, easier to make.

    It would be hard to shield Europe from an engineered virus. It does not even have to kill millions. Few ten thousands of dead and Europe would collapse out of mere fear.



    I'm not too convinced with this technology.  Isn't it all very reliant on satellite information?  Might be a problem for Iran but couldn't a country like China or Russia detonate a nuke in space or use an anti-satellite missiles?

    Even with M.A.D., I don't think a missile system (even if it does work perfectly) can stop a hundred different missiles, yet alone the thousands in the Russian arsenal.  This is the same problem with anti-missile systems on carriers and vehicles, they may be able to stop 1 or 2 two missiles at a time but hundreds of anti-ship missiles can be built for the price of a single ship.

    It seems like this article could really be an indication of Medvedev playing it tough for the upcoming 2012 election.



    Kanadets, what do you think, how many of all those nukes in Russian possession are actually usable?
    Maybe… 20?  :D


    Kanadets, what do you think, how many of all those nukes in Russian possession are actually usable?
    Maybe… 20?  :D

    You make a good point. Russian military is similar to North Korean: powerful on paper but with a lot of outdated equipment.



    Dont worry boys. Slovenian armed forces will solve this problem. With our new powerful weapons and advanced tactics we will restore military power to all Slavic countries. ;D

    We have new Air Force BMX-16 airplanes made in Jesenice:

    And USB-89 Navy battlecruiser made in Portorož riviera.

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