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    Russia says it has launched rocket strikes on Islamic State group targets in Syria from warships in the Caspian Sea – about 1,500km (930 miles) away. Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said four warships fired 26 sea-based cruise missiles at 11 targets, destroying them and causing no civilian casualties.

    The missile is 3M-54 Klub

    Speed is around 800 m/s
    Weight of war-head — 400kg
    Can carry nuclear war-head
    Range between 1,500km — 2,300km depending on a type of missile
    Flying height 10-15 m which makes it difficult for radars to detect and intercept it.
    Cost on international market $6.5 millions per missile. Sold to India at this price. The cost of production in Russia maybe cheaper but still expensive in range of millions of US dollars.

    The range of the missile from the Caspian Sea.

    Russia is heating ISIS targets in Syria from Caspian Sea



    Good video, thank you.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I’ve read somewhere these missiles act like a pack. First one is he leader and if it hits the target others follow it’s course, if it fails then other missiles change their direction and next in line becomes the leader.

    Pretty cool.



    26 missiles hit 11 targets according to defence minister Shoigu. So 2 or 3 missiles per target.



    Since video is no longer available I will put another one



    This is ISIS response to Russian bombers.

    This strange footage appears to show the moment ISIS militants use CONDOMS laced with explosives to attack Russian bombers. The footage shows fighters for Islamic State releasing the bizarre weapons into the air over the Syrian city of Idlib. The footage – which has been edited similar to other ISIS films – begins by showing fighters hanging the condom bombs onto a ceiling. It then shows two fighters releasing a larger balloon into the sky. Eventually, the clip shows the ISIS fighters releasing dozens of smaller bombs in a new bizarre method of attack. Russian fighter jets have been targeting a number of sites across Syria, attacking rebel positions as well as ISIS. It was reported last weekend that about 30 British-born ISIS fighters have returned home to wage war on the UK. Figures reported by the Daily Star said a total of 300 ISIS fighters are now in the UK after training with the terror group.




    Planes SU-35 are also used in Syria. Russians have been making a lot of noise about their SU-35C, which is 4++ generation plane.  It’s their newest plane used in air-force beside the fifth generation PAK FA which is expected to enter Russian air-force in late 2016  or early 2017.

    Americans’ opinion about SU-35

    I think SU planes are excellent given their relatively low cost in comparison to American planes. 

    By the way the original designer of legendary Su (Sukhoi) planes was a Belarusian Pavel Sukhoi. :)



    After Turkey shot down Russian plane Russia deployed S-400 air-defense missile system. After the deployment of S-400 Turkish planes stopped entering Syrian skies.


    Russia also deployed Bastion Coastal Defense Missile System to guard their military base from a possible attacks from sea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K-300P_Bastion-P




    Pantsir-S1 ( NATO reporting name SA-22 Greyhound) is a combined short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pantsir-S1




    The workhorse of Russian operation in Syria was Su-24 plane. It’s an old plane developed in the 70s. Belarus has given up these planes, while Russians modernised them. I think the decision was made to use these planes to keep the cost of operation low. Besides, Russians knew they won’t be challenged in the skies of Syria. They needed decent planes that could bring guided missiles and bombs to the targets. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sukhoi_Su-24



    Tu-160 (white swan) is a long range strategic bomber and largest combat plane in the world. The planes flew more 13,000km around Europe to drop guided missiles in Syria. Su-24 could have done a better job without flying such distance. It was a good exercise for the long-range strategic bombers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-160




    Russian Kornet Anti-Tank guided nissile used by Syrian war. According to this video more than 200 tanks were destroyed or disabled in Syria. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9M133_Kornet




    @Sviatogor on youtube you have videos in which modern RF tanks are destroyed by Yankee TOWs.
    RF did great deal for fighting against ISIS. I`m in full support of them and their fight. But on the other hand offic. russ. state supports radicals like Kadyrov, so i have some mixed feelings. For me the greatest problem is neoottomanic Turkey and their foreign policy. To be honest i`m dreaming Turkey in flames. I hate them, just like Italians.
    On other hand Syria is great test ground for all new Russian war toys.




    I like looking at weapons. Weapons are beautiful pieces of technology. I know  people use weapons to destroy cities and kill people. But they can also be used for defence purposes and deterrents from external attacks. S-400, Pantsir-S1 and Bastion I posted above are air and coastal defence systems.

    There is  so much science and technology behind these weapons. Modern fifth generation war plane is more sophisticated in design than space rockets.



    Beautiful Su planes and great pilot skills.

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