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    Greetings Friends,

    I am new to this Forum, so excuse me if you already had this topic.

    Being history teacher at elementary school in Serbia, I was always interested in history textbooks. Is there anyone on this Forum who is history teacher in Russia?

    Unfortunately, I can only read Russian on some elementary level.

    Firstly, I am interested in some Sixth grade Russian history plans, programs and textbooks.




    I am fluent in Russian and I read literature on history written in Russian. There is a wealth of information on on history written in Russia. If you can suggest the topics that interests you I may recommend the literature.



    Hi Sviatogor,

    maybe I was not clear….I am interested in School History Textbooks (учебники) used in Russian schools for example in 6th grade (I think that in 6th grade students learn on medieval history that is AD 500-1500 period).

    However, is there some official list of licenced history textbooks (for example here in Serbia we have full list of every possible textbook, workbook or else on the Ministry of Education’s official site). As far as I know there is like seven approved history textbooks in Russia so far.




    These are history books used in Russian schools : http://www.alleng.ru/edu/hist4.htm

    Many the books can be downloaded from that website. A good online book store is http://www.ozon.ru where you can purchase books that can be delivered around the world.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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