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    How do you perceive them. Are they fellow Slavs or weirdos having little to with the rest of the Slavs including Ukrainians and Belarusians? As a Belarusian I have a mixed feeling about them.




    A Slavic horde always ready to break some bones.If not for the might of Rus we would all have a perpetual target drawn on our foreheads.




    Rus was a mighty state. But modern Russia has little to do with ancient Rus. Ukrainians are custodians of ancient Rus. Russia grew up from Moscow principality usurping the ethnic term Russian only in the last 500 years or so.



    @Sviatogor Still they proved to be more vigorous and cunning then “the Rus” 🙂 




    They are more vigirous and cunning, but they don’t stem from original Rus state. Their political origin from Moscow principality which was ruled by Tatar-Mongol Horde for around 300 years. Their princes had to travel to Sarai – Hordes capital – to get a permission to rule.

    All they have with Rus is religion and similar language. The political state of Moscovy was not even remotely similar to that of Rus .



    They defeated the mightiest Empire of that time – the Golden Horde, liberated their small city and conquered a lot of territory which was once known to be ruled by the people of Rus, and they took their name because there was no one as legitimate successor. They are still global powerhouse so who cares if they are not “the Rus”?

    Muscovite early statehood is really not much different then the early statehood of Slavs in eastern and central Balkans. Except Balkan Slav rulers of that time had wet dreams to conquer Byzantine empire instead of Golden Horde and this period in Balkans started earlier, in 7th – 8th century.

    Today they certainly have good and bad sides, but in reality they’re not much different to what any of the other Slavic nations would be if they’re global force.



    Golden Horde was defeated by Khan Uzbek. The demise of Golden Horde was due internal problems mostly. The continuation of Golden Horde was Crimean Khanate which Russia defeated only in late 18th century.

    Much of political culture Muscovy adopted from Golden Hurde acknowledged by the Russian historians. Since then it began territorial expansion defeating and erasing one of the most democratic state at the time – the Novgorodian Republic. I cannot see how political culture of the Balkans and Muscovy were similar. Religion was similar. The language of Church was Old Church Slavonic which was an adaptation of Old Bulgarian in eastern Slavia. Architectural style was taken from Byzantium. That was taken from Rus’ – Kiev, as Kiev was cultural capital of Rus’ at the time. Similarities between political culture of Muscovy and states in the Balkans? I can’t think of any.

    > They are still global powerhouse so who cares if they are not “the Rus”?

    Here, we care about history of Rus’.



    Imagine Slavs are the apostles from this biblical story. Russia is Judas.



    If some Russians wandered into Lviv, Ukraine, let’s say the Kryjivka restaurant – historically, Ukrainian partisan’s hideout- where song’s events are taking place – they would likely meet the carpet.  :D




    A known Russian historian Pivovarov specialising on political history of Russia speaks about Hurde’s legacy in political culture of Russia. Pivovarov is a member of the Russian academy of sciences.




    Damn merchant republics to hell. If Novgorod were anything like Venice and they were, they were the Devil’s grandsons. D

    Also, my opinion of democracy is rather platonic. It’s a hole that you can’t crawl out of.
    Glory to Russia.



    I see you like democracy so I’ll say a few words.
    Democracy is good for small towns and villages where all of the residents know each other. In modern times, if you apply democracy on a level larger then 100k people it turns into legal excuse to do something really unacceptable, such as modern slavery, monopoly, exploitation, biased freedom rights and above all corruption. The form of “democracy” which is now hugely present in Eastern Europe is something I’d call “capitalistic feudalism”.

    I don’t support any type of dictatorship or military government, so I truly believe meritocracy should be the only way. At least in case of my own country it would really help.




    I don’t like labels such as ‘democracy’ or ‘autocracy’ etc. It’s not so much about democracy . It’s about being a decent state that cares for people. What Russian greatness brought to their common folks and folks living in the neighbouring states? Beginning from the times of Ivan the Terrible the state brought misery to people on so many occasions. 



    @Sviatogor In Croatian Rus literally means the Russian.That’s why I used the word.




    Russians usurped the term. In historic context Ukraine is most accurately described by Rus, while modern Russia by Muscovy.

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