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    Ahoj everyone! 

    Is there as we know any differences genetically with Rusyns to other Slavic groups despite feeling that way as a motive for independence?




    There are genetic differences between other Slavs too, so it’s impossible for Rusyns to be just like everyone else, when everyone else is not the same. But I’d say Rusyns are the least different from Western Ukrainians, it’s my guess however – I am not an expert on genetics :/



    So your basically saying that all Slavic groups are genetically different from one another?



    Not only that, but even individual people are genetically different from one another!
    Mind – blown!






    Rusyns are genetically closest to west Ukrainians and east Slovaks. Also they overlap with south east Polish people. I have a lot of rusyn gedmatch kits and east Slovak ones, there’s basically no difference between them. And btw northern slavs (west and east) plus slovenians and croatians share a lot of genetic heritage, but they differ in the fact that they are mixed with some factors the others aren’t. Croatians have a lot of north eastern european blood but also balkanic blood that north slavs don’t have etc. 



    Rusyns and west ukrainians ( also east Slovaks) are characterized by having high amounts of balkanic ancestry compared to other northern slavs 



    srdceleva  western and southern Slavs have a lot of southern genetical influences, former less then later obviously, but in any case you can not judge by a haplogrups since it is more then a minimal sign of a mix we have among us.



    @Knez why do you always assume im talking about haplogroups? im talking about haplogroups and autosomally. Rusyns and western ukrainians always have a significant amount of balkanic autosomal dna compared to other ukrainians, slovaks, and poles. Slovaks have obviously more than poles and czechs but still rusyns have more. @Sviatogor can confirm this, he knows genetics better than I do. 



    Many Slavic groups in Carpathian region likely have some Vlach admixture resulting their genome to be more similar to that of the Balkan populations than the rest of east & west Slavs.

    Here’s a PCA from a published study ‘Standing at the Gateway to Europe – The Genetic Structure of Western Balkan Populations Based on Autosomal DNA’ http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0105090

    Three Ukrainian samples show  tendency towards Croats and Hungarians. I suspect those 3 samples are from western Ukraine.


    These are my results from 23andme (I shared this on another post previously). My father is half Rusyn and half East Slovak. My mother is Souteast Polish (although her father described his ethnicity as Russian-Polish). Both of my parents have nearly identical autosomal addmixtures. 


    Eastern European68.6%
    Southern European18.6%
    Broadly Southern European3.4%
    Northwestern European5.1%
    French & German0.9%
    British & Irish0.5%
    Broadly Northwestern European3.5%
    Broadly European 7.3%
    Middle Eastern & North African0.3%
    North African 0.3% 
    East Asian< 0.1%
    Broadly East Asian< 0.1%
    Broadly East Asian & Native American< 0.1%
    Sub-Saharan African< 0.1%
    Central & South African< 0.1%
    Unassigned< 0.1%
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