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    Hehe, yeah i heard Montenegrin clan system has something to do with that phenomenon. Is that true Dervan or i am wrong? Anway little offtopic but was Arkan montenegrin? I have seen video of his marriage in one documentary and he was dressed in red Montenegrin dress.

    Both true.

    Dervan, there are a lot of Montenegros, but there are a lot of Serbs from Bosnia or Croatia or Kosovo.

    Every criminal leader is from Montenegro. Including president Tadic.



    Montenegrians had nothing to do with that, they were/are there, but most of men is Serbian. And afterall, that wasnt even a big deal, we always looked at Montenegrians as Serbs, equal to Serbs from Croatia or Bosnia anyway.


    Of course, Boj na Kosovu!

    Boj na Kosovu ceo film

    E, nisam ga dugo gledao… Da ga pogledam jos jednom. A nakon njega:

    Banovic Strahinja (The Falcon) – 1981
    Banovic Strahinja (US: The Falcon – video title) is a 1981 Yugoslavian film. During the late 14th century Serbia becomes the target of the Ottoman Empire. While the respected Serbian noble Strahinja Banovic is out hunting, a Turkish renegade gang burns his castle, kills all of his servants, and takes the young wife of Banovic Strahinja. Strahinja begins a long quest to rescue his wife despite everybody else's doubts in her fidelity. He gathers a 'druzhina' and goes after the bandits. In the meantime, the Turkish bandit Alija tries to seduce Strahinja's wife Andjelija, but she refuses him. However, over a period of time she begins to weaken. Based upon a traditional Serbian epic poem, the greatest significance of the story is in the contrasts that arise between traditional and human: Representatives of traditional morality in the poem are members of the Jugović family (brothers and father of the abducted Andjelija), while Strahinja is a figure that goes beyond the limits of the laid down norms and relies only on his own humanity.

    Banovic Strahinja – full movie



    Heart wrenching movie, Cvetinov, great.

    Nacionalna Klasa (1979)

    comment from imdb is a good description:
    "A racer and his broken car, his no-good mechanic, his pregnant girlfriend, his gay friends, his assistant in double-crossing the military officials, are the basic ingredients of this sparkling comedy. There is also a variety of supporting characters, ranging from owner of Chech car who is prosecuting our hero on account of the car accident, to high politician who should fix a purchase of an expensive racing car as a wedding gift to the racer and his girlfriend who is politician`s daughter. Meanwhile, racer has to manage to avoid recruiting, since he can`t stand the army, and the wedding, since he can`t stand the marriage."

    Nacionalna klasa (1979) english captions included



    Great movie!

    Varljivo leto '68 (1984)
    "For the young man who lives in Serbian province town, the maturing coincides with the turbulent political events of the year 1968."

    Varljivo leto '68. (1984) ceo film / serbian movie … http://www.miLL.iz.rs



    Underground (1995)

    "This movie reflects the history of Yugoslavia since the beginning of WWII (and similar to all ex-communist countries) to the last horrible events in Balcanian countries. Behind the comedy is hidden the pain of whole generations, which have suffered WWII, The Cold War, the war in Yugoslavia, the communism, the treachery of their own leadership, the fall. The film shows us the reality, as seen by those who feel unlimited love for their country and culture. Marko and Blacky represent the true leaders of country, the soul of nation and not without controversies."

    Podzemlje – Underground film


    Heart wrenching movie, Cvetinov, great.

    Strahinja Ban, film tezak ko' crna zemlja. Dok drugi prave bajke od srednjega vijeka, mi pravimo psiholoske trilere.

    Underground – Protestvujem gospodine.mp4

    Ova scena mi obiljezila cijeli film.


    The Weight Of Chains – 2010
    The Weight of Chains is a 2010 Canadian documentary film directed by Boris Malagurski which analyzes the role that the United States, NATO and the European Union played in the breakup of Yugoslavia. It was released on December 17, 2010. "The reason why the U.S. policy "subdue or die" is not very welcomed in the rest of the world. Those people experienced it on their own skin."

    The Weight Of Chains – Trailer

    I just watched this, and it's good. I recommend other people to watch it.



    Всупереч усьому / Живјети за инат / Naperekor vsemu (Living out of spite / Defying everybody) – 1972
    Russian, Serbian co-production made by the Ukrainian director Yuri Ilyenko. This movie depicts the sole core of the Serbian ethnos. To understand the movie, you have to be informed with some historical facts. It covers the period from 1795, when Petar I Petrovic Njegos returned from Russia, till the battles at Martinci and Krusa in July and September of 1796. At that time femine and powerty ruled over Montenegro. Society was very rural and patriarchal. People were divided into brotherhoods, consisted of large families. It was the time of humanity and valor. Many young men never returned from battles. Women were left widowed, children lost their fathers and brothers. Faced with the situation, being pressed with the Turkish occupation, Petar I had to deal with a lot of ordeals in order to unite the Montenegrin Serbs. For any viewer whishing to grant some introspective in the Serbian national identity, this is a movie worth watching.

    Living out of spite (Russian) – full movie



    O bubicama i herojima (Of Bugs and Heroes) – Release 2013
    It's a tale of lonely, broken people and insects who are, both in their own ways, searching for, longing for the lost loves of their lives — an introverted night guard, his demanding, father, a delusional superhero wannabe, and an orphan child, who spend their time in an abandoned shopping mall.

    Director: Petar Pasic
    Writers: Petar Pasic, Nikola Pejakovic, and Dimitrije Vojnov
    Stars: Bojan Dimitrijevic, Natasa Vojnovic, Zoran Cvijanovic, Branka Petric and Slobodan Ninkovic

    Of Bugs and Heroes (English subtitles) – Trailer



    Доротеј / Dorotej (Dorotheos) – 1981
    Medieval Serbia in the year 1308, the time of the reign of king Stephen Uroš II Milutin. A young monk Dorotej, a master of herbal medicine, attracts the attention of the local lords wife.

    Dorotej (Serbian) – full movie


    Доротеј / Dorotej (Dorotheos) – 1981

    Бата животиња на 00:44  ;D ;D Екстра филм.



    Балада о свирепом / Balada o svirepom (The Ballad of the Cruel One) – 1971
    Deeply hurt by his wife's infidelity, a man leaves her and his son to live high up alone in the mountains. Many years later, a person seeks the man's help to capture the brigands that were about to cross the mountain pass he dwells near. Later that day, he finds out that one of the brigands is a person from his past.

    Balada o svirepom (Serbian) – full movie

    Personal note: a rare jewel, a great movie



    Do you can recoment some movie?

    I love listen yugoslavian languages.

    I watched:



    Try Croatian Metastaze:

    metastaze hq trailers

    Similar to Serbian Šišanje, it's about Hooligans and that sort of stuff…but it's a good movie more or less same as Šišanje.

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