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    Hi all, first post

    It may be the wrong place to post this, so please if so, mods move to the appropriate forum.

    I was born in Kosovo when it was still Yugoslavia. Been in the US for a number of years, never got US citizenship. I am in the process of acquiring it but I have entertained thoughts of Serb citizenship as well. I have read all the laws regarding this topic I could find, but the requirements for proving birth in SFRY arent easy to obtain. Additionally, many of those records were also lost. I understand whatever records survived were meant to be digitized but it seems that process has gone on for many years and not much has come of it. As a result of my life and these hurdles I have no birth certificate, no passport. Also, no family to speak of, parents are dead, I have literally been on my own since I was 14, 1990, when I left Yugoslavia.
    My green card and other US documents state my citizenship as Yugoslavia, same for country of birth. I have put through an email to the Serbian embassy in the US, haven't received an answer yet. Was curious, maybe some of you have gone through something similar or know someone who has obtained citizenship having missing documentation.



    I think that you should go to the Serbian embassy in the US physically.

    Email won't help you much.

    You could also contact the embassy in Serbia.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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