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    Serbian Prime Minister Alexander Vucic headed a government delegation
    that visited Belarus on January 26-27. One of the documents signed
    during the visit was an intergovernmental agreement
    on military-technical cooperation.

    Serbia will get eight MiG-29 twin-engine fighters and two Buk missile systems (12 launchers) as a gift from Belarus, Serbian Defense Minister Zoran Dordevic told the Politika Serbian daily newspaper.  The deliveries, provided on a no-pay basis under the condition that Serbia cover repair and modernization expenses, are expected to be completed in 2018, Dordevic said.

    “We will also negotiate the purchase of the famous S-300 [long range surface-to-air missile] systems with Belarus,” Dordevic told Politika, specifying that he was talking about the S-300P and S-300V versions that Belarus has.




    military cooperation is the biggest news. We are after all a neutral country, neutrality is expensive and requires strong military. I’m also glad our countries are improving relations, both economically and culturally.  



    Belarusian press writes that Serbia and Belarus are also considering  creating joint defense industry projects in other countries. Belarusian trucks and building equipment as well as maintenance of Russian build military equipment maybe of interest to Serbian defense. While Belarus is interested in purchasing rocket fuel and other equipment from Serbia. But two Buk missile systems and MiG-29 (8 of them) are given plus cost of repair and modernisation.

    PS Lukashenko was the only foreign leader to visit Belgrade to express solidarity during NATO bombing of Belgrade.



    I know that about Lukashenko, most people here are aware of that and appreciate it. I’m not usually the supportive type, but i like what current government is doing in foreign relations.



    They should pay all of the technique they bought from Belarussians!

    I don’t like “ohh look at us… we’re soo poor :'( ” attitude our government has, especially given the fact they treat the citizens of Serbia as a cattle.



    I am a little surprised MiG-29 are given for free. Maybe Belarus will get a good deal on repairing and modernising some those old MiG-29. Currently, Belarus has 41 MiG-29s as per wiki article.  MiG-29 is a light fighter that is aging.  The latest fighter Russians are using is Su-35 which 4++ generation. This is quite an expensive plane. Light fighter MiG-29 will be replaced by Mig-35 which will also cost. But it would not be the main fighter plane in Russian air-force . MiG-29 are still used by many air-forces of the world.

    Buk missile systems are also aging. S-300 that Serbia is planning to buy from Belarus to defend its air-space is a superior missile system than Buk.



    @Shaokang to quote one gentleman: “Narod je stoka i treba ga jebati!” You know why He does that, why he talks dramatically as He does, why He portrays Himself as some martyr for us. And the worse thing is you know that it’s working and that he has enough support for just about anything (at least while turnout is at 50%).



    @Dušan I will refrain to speak about Serbian people in this topic



    anyway @Sviatogor all of the equipment we have and we are acquiring now is at best relatively old. Our government claims that it all can be up to date with current military trends with modernization and repair. I really haven’t spent much time on our military state and capabilities to know how much of it is true.




    If these MiG-29 are repaired and modernised they can be used for a long time. For example, Russia has new expensive Su-34 bomber. Yet, Russians use modernised old Su-24 that were designed and first built in late 70s. These old  modernised Su-24 bombers were quite effective in Syria.

    As of now there are  4 MiG-29. 12 MiG -29 on order from Russia. 8 will be aquired from Belarus.

    In addition old MiG-21 (20 machines) that were designed in late 50s.
    And 17 Yugoslav built  Soko J-22 designed and first built in 70s. he rest are transport and trainer aircrafts.


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